Last Week on ‘One Tree Hill’

ONE TREE HILL: 9.07 “Last Known Surroundings”

I’m going to keep this brief because there were Tuesday shows I need to review. But I can’t let tonight’s episode of One Tree Hill reach us before I responded to whatever the hell last week’s episode was.

It’s not that I was particularly excited that Chad Michael Murray was returning. I’m not the biggest Lucas fan, and I’ve actually enjoyed the show without him. But with the hype and the constant reports leading up to the season saying that he’d be back, well, I have to say I was a little disappointed at what appeared to be his “one night and one night only” return.

It was reported that he’d come back after Haley reached out to him for help. Well, we all know the story here. Nathan is missing, and Haley needed support. That support came with a plane ride, a full day in the airport, and then Lucas leaving with the kids. Altogether, it was rather lame. He didn’t really do anything, and it just felt like a lot of hype and very little payoff.

Ok, so I guess that there’s a chance his appearance isn’t over. Maybe he’ll come back. Or maybe that’s really all we got from a returning actor (and that’s all the writers could come up with to do with him). I don’t know. But I will say, next time something’s that talked about and advertised, I certainly hope we get a little more.

And a better wardrobe. Honestly, he looked skeezy.

As for the rest of the episode, well, there’s not much to say, unless you want a hazy review of an episode a week old. The only memorable thing was that Haley’s new cop friend is actually working the other side, supposedly bitter because he never became detective. Really, Nathan should have figured out that one when he handed him his gun and took a lead pipe. No cop ever relinquishes their gun. Doesn’t anyone watch Southland?


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