Smash: Diva, Party for One

SMASH: 1.04 “The Cost of Art”

Is anyone on Team Ivy anymore?

I know that’s strange to ask, since I was actually on Team Ivy after the premiere. She has the voice, she has the look, but damn, she has an attitude! What happened to that Ivy we saw in her apartment, the one that was puppy-faced and likable as she told her family about callbacks and they didn’t care? Where did this monster come from?

I guess I understand why she was surprised to see Karen at rehearsals, but not in the way they depicted it. In my own experience (ok, so this is based on college and community theater, not Broadway), if someone doesn’t get the lead role, they may get another part or understudy. Now, if they’re really good and auditioning for a lot, they may not take it. Why would you want to be in the back and miss an opportunity to headline another show? In this case, Karen’s a newbie and needs some lines on her theater resume, so she took the shot. Perhaps Ivy should have been surprised about that, not that she was invited for the ensemble at all. After all, she clearly showed that she had talent.

But Ivy was a rather big bitch, wasn’t she? A diva, to be sure. Stopping rehearsals because she didn’t like how Karen danced, sung, stood there. She might’ve done it with a smile on her face, but she did it nonetheless.

And her friends weren’t helping, though I’m glad they turned around. Karen, while somewhat annoying in her currently pouty way, did deserve a chance, and no one was giving it to her. They’re actually a fun lot, those friends, and I look forward to seeing them more in the series. But they know how to play both sides. They were happy to show Karen how to be part of a group, but they certainly wouldn’t let her say one word against Ivy. They’re her friends too, after all.

But over all, the episode was fun. It made up for last week’s blah-dom, and I just thoroughly enjoyed it. Character performances were interesting. The search for funding actually was intriguing (Nick Jonas didn’t even bother me). And the performances, while not staged this time, were a lot of fun.

My only complaint, and it’s something I’m going to have to live with, is the pop songs mixed in. Nick Jonas singing “I Just Haven’t Met Her Yet” and the crew dancing and singing to “Rumor Has It” just feels out of place in this show. But I understand that not every audience member really cares to hear new song after new song (and I’m sure the writers don’t want to have that much responsibility to write song after song after song), and some people tuning in might just want some fun song and dance that they know. It bugs me, but I’ll have to live with it.

What did you think? Did this episode make up for the last?


One thought on “Smash: Diva, Party for One

  1. I agree. I thought this episode was much better than last week’s. I’m definitely not on Team Ivy. I get that she is insecure and can see that Karen is good, but her behavior just turned me off! She was too much of a diva.

    I did not mind Nick Jonas at all (surprisingly), but I agree with you about the pop songs they sing sometimes. It just feels out of place, but I guess it is fun to listen to.

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