HIMYM: Welcome Home


I’ll start with the ending. Why? Well, because I think the best part of the episode was the ending, and to be honest, it’s the only part of the episode last night that made an impression.

Lily and Marshall are now back in New York — the city, that is. Ted has moved out of the duel-worthy apartment, after being haunted by Robin’s ghosts throughout the episode. It was actually a little bittersweet, knowing that Ted was moving on, but Lily and Marshall were back at the start, ready to have a new beginning.

This was certainly something I didn’t see coming. While I had no idea who would move in with Ted after Robin moved out (by the way, I was less than entertained by Robin’s journal of her experiences in Long Island), I thought it’d go the typical sitcom route: Either Ted suddenly has enough money to afford the NYC apartment by himself (pa-hah!) or we’d get an ever-revolving door of roommates. Think Friends with Chandler and Joey’s (and Eddie’s…and Rachel’s…and that model’s…) apartment.

But it’s nicer now that it’s back with Lily and Marshall. We’ll enjoy the niceness of the gesture, and we’ll ignore the fact that Lily and Marshall now own two properties that they don’t live it — one, the apartment they bought back in the day, and two, the house in Long Island. I sure hope they rent out some of these places and get some spending money for baby.

The rest of the episode, well, Ted was just blah. I already mentioned Robin. But what about Barney?

Barney’s story feels forced to me. He was in love with Robin, and now he wants this stripper. Is he really so dumb as to realize she was using him for cash? And doesn’t this feel rather fast? To me, it feels like they’re just trying to find another warm body — and fast — to fit in that mythical wedding dress we know Barney’s going to marry. And if this is her and that’s at the end of this season, well, I just don’t like it. I can already see him going into the church, Robin stopping the wedding…


Is anyone interested in this storyline? I guess she’s cute enough, but there’s not much going on that makes me like her and makes me want to root for Barney here. So I’m going to ignore it and just remember the cute blue room at the end of the episode. It had a penguin mobile. Who wouldn’t love that?


3 thoughts on “HIMYM: Welcome Home

  1. Has Ted lived in that apartment for the whole series? I wonder if he’s going to move into that rickety old house that he’s fixing up; the one that eventually becomes his family’s home. If he does that, at least it’ll feel like we’re getting closer to the “mother” even if we don’t see her for another two seasons.

  2. “Is he really so dumb as to realize she was using him for cash?”

    Well, I wouldn’t exactly call Barney dumb, but he is clearly selective in what he accepts as his reality. This is nothing new. There’s been a long history of Barney ignoring the truth and throwing himself into a crazed yet hopeful belief in obvious lies. For instance… there’s Barney’s entire family story. He only seems to accept the truth when proof is thrown directly in his face, and he has no choice but to accept it, which is what happened toward the end of the episode.

    It wasn’t the funniest part of the episode, but I wouldn’t call it out of character for Barney by any means.

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