Being Human: Choosing Sides

BEING HUMAN: 2.07 “The Ties That Bind”

Well, who would have thought last night’s episode was a game-changer? Sally may be no longer with us (in more ways than one). Josh has officially turned his back to the pack — and Nora turned to it. And Aiden, well, he’s finally discovered that his job is Boston, and he’s doing whatever it takes to keep his head, well, attached.

It was actually a pretty intense episode. While I didn’t have the highest of hopes when we started a day in the future, knowing that Aiden was in that forest (I mean, come on, did you really think Aiden would die?), it turned out to be a fantastic episode. Nora is back, and she’s not doing well. While Josh figures it’s because she’s dealing with what her wolf-self did, we actually find out it’s an entirely different reason. Nora wants to be the wolf full-time, just like the twins, and she’s not saddened by her actions, but by the fact that her human side is holding her back.

That, again, was an intense scene. Nora looked just like a crazy person, telling Josh what she really wanted. I was surprised by her confession, but more so, that she actually thought Josh would be on her side. It’s rather sad, actually. To find out that the one thing he had the most guilt and regret about was actually the one thing she was clinging to.

Meanwhile, the twins clearly weren’t killed by vampy cop. In fact, she seemed to be the one in trouble now. And when Aiden tracks her down (mainly to make sure that not another prominent vamp dies), it turns out to be a pretty awful game, where four wolves are chasing him down in the forest. Now, I’m rather surprised that she sacrificed herself for Aidan (can a vampire really lose enough blood not to survive?), but I did like the setup.

But the best part? Seeing Aidan come out and kill the twin in cold blood, without anyone expecting it. Honestly, good riddance?

Finally, Sally. Sally finally knows the face of her grey companion, a reaper who’s trying to even the score since she didn’t go through her door. He’s actually a rather kind reaper, taking Danny over her, only sticking to quotas. But it sure doesn’t look good for Sally, who was supposed to say her good-byes to Aidan and Josh, but for reasons stated above, didn’t quite find the right time.

Do I think Sally’s going anywhere? Of course not. But what will happen to keep her on this visible — and somewhat existing — plane? That, we’ll have to wait and see.


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