The Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out

THE WALKING DEAD: 2.10 “18 Miles Out”

OhWalking Dead… I just may have hit the wall with you. I was so encouraged by the end of the episode a few weeks ago, involving the shootout in the bar. The tension between Rick and the newcomers right before violence broke out was so well done that I wanted more if it. I’ll admit, I missed last week’s episode, and still haven’t caught up with it yet, so perhaps that’s why I was so bored with this episode.

I was bored through the whole thing. I wasn’t all that interested in Rick and Shane’s fight, or their subsequent scramble to escape the zombies (though stabbing Walkers in the brain was kind of cool, for about five minutes). For a minute, I thought the show might do something interesting with Rick leaving Shane behind to fend for himself, but of course Rick charged back to save his friend.

As for the story at the farmhouse… Ugh. While it was entertaining to watch Andrea tear down Lori’s self-righteous facade, I was pretty disappointed to see that Lori managed to escape the car crash zombie attack in the first place. Could some brave zombie just kill her already? She sucks the life out of every scene that she’s in. I couldn’t feel much drama around Beth’s suicide attempt either, since other than a few shots of her in the background in previous episodes, she was basically introduced as a character in this one. I just couldn’t get interested in her story at all.

I think there are only three episodes left in the season, and our plucky survivors have to get out of Herschel’s farm as quickly as possible. In past episodes of the show, I was more than willing to forgive the glacial pace of this season, and the often unsuccessful attempts at character development and complexity. This week, for some reason, just bored me to tears and I’m not sure why. There was plenty of action, it just wasn’t all that compelling to me. I missed last week’s episode, and despite the strong leadup to it, didn’t feel particularly motivated to watching it before yesterday. Is that because I realized I could get along without it? Has this show slipped out of my appointment viewing category?  If not, it’s close to falling by the wayside. They will have to really shake things up in the next few weeks in order to keep me hooked.


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