HIMYM: Everybody Loves Robin

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 7.16 “No Pressure”

I have mixed feelings on last night’s episode of HIMYM. Did I necessarily expect Ted to profess his love for Robin on that rooftop last week? Not so much. So seeing the aftermath was rather interesting.

You know, part of me thought that it would be a cop out. That Ted didn’t really love love Robin, but that he was telling her that he loved her to make her feel better, loved her as a friend. But we just found out, that’s not the case. Ted does love her, and while her initial response includes kisses, we find out that even that doesn’t work.

It’s funny. Ted mentions that the reason that they broke up in the first place was that they didn’t want the same things. That now they’re in different places in their lives and that they do. Of course, I don’t think Ted knows yet that Robin can’t and doesn’t want to have kids, but with that in mind, I can’t say they’re in entirely different places. Ted still wants to fill his house with those two kids that he’s telling this tale to, and Robin doesn’t. We all know that won’t change.

What really stood out in my mind, though, was Ted’s moment with Barney. Ted assumes that any relationship with Robin would be inhibited by her love for Barney. Honestly, we haven’t gotten much reaction from Barney, after he broke up with Norah for her and she stayed with Kevin. But we see the rawness in his discussion with Ted. After Ted says he saw him in Robin’s room with rose petals, Barney responds: “You saw that? Then you also saw me throwing them in a trashcan.” Robin clearly broke Barney’s heart. She’s got both Ted and Barney broken now — just one more step to Ted’s foreshadowing at the beginning of the season that she breaks up the group.

But let’s look at the others. Now, here’s where I got a little annoyed with the show. The whole bet between Lily and Marshall. Yes, Lily and Marshall tend to pay way too much attention to the actions of their friends. But they’ve always been really invested in finding Ted a match, someone who can pass the “front porch” test. So to find out that they’ve been betting on Ted and Robin’s fate, well, it just seems wrong and out of character. Other things — the hairdryer, breaking his leg — sure. But not in his relationships. And not so…interferingly.

You’d think I’d be saying the opposite. Lily’s tried breaking them up before. But I don’t think that was because of a bet. I think that was because she really didn’t think they were right for each other. And ultimately, that’s what’s keeping them apart now.

Not to say that it’s final. Marshall’s final words make us wonder whether Robin really is out of the picture. He’s still got hope. Even I wonder if there’s some weird twist, that finding out who the mother is isn’t exactly what we think it is. Either way, there are plenty of fish in the sea.


One thought on “HIMYM: Everybody Loves Robin

  1. The writers of this show can really make Lilly very unpleasant and somewhat crazy acting at times, and I think that was on display in this episode. At the end, when Ted explains how he’s finally over Robin, I got excited that we might see a glimpse of the elusive mother, but the ending wasn’t quite that explicit. I guess that’s OK though. Maybe someday.

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