Downton Abbey: I could never despise you

KT thinks that’s not how we’ll do it at Hacksby.


All together now:  awwww.

Just as we were all preparing ourselves for still another round of will-they-won’t-they from Matthew and Mary, those two crazy kids seem to have figured everything out.  I was surprised that the story of the poor Turkish gentleman was dredged up again — and finally shared with Mary’s father — but really, it was high time to clear that out of the way.  And they look so happy together.  Sir Richard was always good for a little “how dare he treat her that way!” drama, but I’m not sorry to see the last of him.  However much he went on about having always loved her, he always did have “will probably beat his wife” written on his forehead.  (The quote I’ve used for the title, “I could never despise you”?  Him, I could.)

Bates and Anna continue to be the other soap opera couple on the show –they’d clearly be so deliriously happy together if the writers ever stopped throwing obstacles at them.  I’d say they’ll have earned some peace and quiet if they ever do get through this.  My money says they will, and I’m hoping that season 3 shows someone turning detective to clear his name.  The set up already bears some nice parallels to Dorothy Sayers’ Strong Poison — all we need is somebody to be Lord Peter Wimsey.  Please?

Can I take a moment here to say that, as happy as I am that both these couples are okay, I was also digging Lord Grantham’s suggestion that Mary go out to the “Middle West” and find herself a cowboy.  Mary and Anna getting into trouble in the Old West is a story I would like to see — though I suppose it may count as an alternate Downton universe now.

Back in the actual show, the trouble caused by Lady Rosamund’s erstwhile lady’s maid was generally amusing, but I particularly liked the effect she had on Daisy.  I’ve grown increasingly fond of Daisy through season 2 as she’s had to balance her need to be honest with her need (and Mrs. Patmore’s strong encouragement) to be sympathetic to William and then to his father.  And she got some really nice scenes tonight, from all of Miss Shaw’s goading to the unexpected scene with Maggie Smith (I so wanted that to go on longer) to the really lovely visit to Mr. Mason’s farm.  The way she admitted that she’d never really been special to anyone just as she realized that, of course, she had been — that was prettily done.  Somewhat behind the scenes, she’s grown a lot since the show started.  (As she would, of course.  The seasons are so short, it can be hard to remember that nearly eight years have passed since the beginning of season 1.)  She’ll be bossing around her own kitchen maid before we know it.

And that’s it until we get season 3!  I understand that it’s scheduled to air in the UK in September, so we’ll probably get it in the U.S. a year from now.  A year!  How shall we ever manage?

P.S. RAKED!  How did we not have a tag for Maggie Smith before tonight?  You MUST Netflix this show, if only for her wonderful presence and her acerbic wit.


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