One Tree Hill: The Killing Game

ONE TREE HILL: 9.06 “Catastrophe and the Cure”

Well, we know who has Nathan. Or do we? The obvious answer is that Eastern European thugs/murders/just generally bad people have Nathan, all because he was trying to “steal” one of their money-making players out of the league. This all feels a bit preposterous (I have no idea if Eastern European basketball is so sketchy), but hey, you’ve got to give the OTH team some props for coming up with an original storyline. But we don’t have all our answers yet. Someone — an anonymous “benefactor” or employer to some degree — has put these thugs up to it. Someone is pulling the strings. And it’s that someone that I am drawing a blank on. It can’t be someone new; in a final season, if they introduce a new bad guy, that’s just blah. But who from Tree Hill’s past could be doing this evil deed? Any ideas?

If anything, I now have a pretty solid idea of who is under that sheet that’s been foreshadowed in the season opener — and a reason why. But I won’t share that (if I’m right, it might be a spoiler). But hey, if you really want to know, tell me in the comments, and maybe I’ll write a follow-up post.

Meanwhile, Clay’s not fixed. Now, I’m not surprised that no one reached out to him about Nathan’s being missing. At least not friends and family. He’s not exactly in the right frame of mind to handle that. That being said, I’m very surprised that the police weren’t there, right on his doorstep, asking whether he’s heard anything, since Clay is his business partner and one of the last people who talked to him. But then again, does the Tree Hill police department do anything? They couldn’t even tell that Keith wasn’t killed by Jimmy Edwards — and that he died after him, too — back in season three.

But I do like his relationship with the kid. Man, that kid is cute. Did you see how defeated he was when Clay didn’t say bye? Man, he’s cute.

In other neat development news, how about the partnership between Dan and Julian? That was great, and I’m really enjoying Dan’s helpful side. I still wonder what plans he has in the works (he hasn’t changed that much), but I do think he’s on Nathan’s side, not the other guy on the phone.

Finally, there’s the Chase/Chris Keller triangle. Chris Keller, who I hated seasons ago, has become so entertaining this season. He’s been some great comedic relief in the show. But I care little about their little sex friend — let alone her stupid diner. I hope they sum that up quickly. Very quickly.

So what did you think? Were you satisfied with Nathan’s captors? Do you think he’ll make it out alive? And are you looking forward to the return of a certain someone next week?


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