HIMYM: The Drunk Train (and the Broken-Hearted)

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 7.16 “The Drunk Train”

Well, here we are, back again, on the roof, professing our love for Robin. Much like the first season, just a little older, a little worn. Robin and Ted took a beating in this episode — Robin especially — and I must say, so did I.

I liked Kevin. Kal Penn was a great addition to the cast, a likeable pillar of sanity that countered our usual gang’s antics. He and Robin made a great pair, and when he proposed and she finally accepted, I was actually excited. Did I think it would last? Of course not. Did I think it would last past this episode? Well, yes. Yes, I did.

So to see Robin so carefully tell him that she couldn’t have kids, that she didn’t want kids, and finally, that he would never have kids was rather sad. He was so supportive, so happy. But seeing that realization slap him in the face, we all knew what was going to happen. So to see Robin alone on the roof, explaining how Kevin un-proposed, it was sad. I was sad.

As for Ted, well, he had a realization on his own. Yet again, going along with Barney’s antics reminded him that he was “too old for this stuff,” and it wasn’t going along with the man that he wanted to be. (Clearly, Ted doesn’t pay much attention to his actions, as he seems to have this realization at least once a season.) Despite this realization, I was just as surprised as Robin when he told her on the roof that he loved her. Whether we find out this is real love or whether it was, “Buck up, frienderoo, I love you!” we’ll just have to see. If it is real relationshippy, Valentine’s, kisses and boo-boo love, well, I don’t even know what to do with that. We already know Robin’s not the mother. What would this mean?

Meanwhile, we have Barney wooing a stripper. What’s interesting here is not the who, the when, or the why, but the what we discovered. Barney isn’t so happy-go-lucky as we thought. While it sounded like a flippant, insulting comment when she claimed that Barney spent his night sadly alone at a strip club, we found out in the final scene that she was really telling the truth: She was the stripper who saw him night after night. He just didn’t realize it himself.

Now, that’s sad and all (happy Valentine’s Day, by the way), but I’m more concerned about where this is going. Please tell me that the woman Barney is marrying in the infamous foreshadowed wedding is not this stripper. Please.

Last but not least (ok, maybe least) was Lily and Marshall, who aren’t keeping score. Or are they? I don’t know. I stopped paying attention. I owe them one.


2 thoughts on “HIMYM: The Drunk Train (and the Broken-Hearted)

  1. Didn’t voiceover Ted mention a while back that something related to Robin was REALLY going to screw up the friendship dynamic of the group? I could see the writers trying to mine that potential love triangle (Ted, Robin, Barney) for plenty of melodrama… Whether I actually want to see that is another question.

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