HIMYM: Probably the Worst Episode Ever

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 7.15 “The Burning Beekeeper”

We’re really lucky that Smash was so good on Monday night, because I certainly wasn’t pleased with my Monday night viewing. Take HIMYM, for example. I’m a fan of the show. Yes, it has its weaknesses (and weak seasons), but I still stay true to the characters and watch week-to-week.

This was was the first episode that I actually wanted to turn off halfway through. Now, think about this. I’ve watched Ghost Whisperer and some pretty bad episodes of iCarly. I’ve sat through episodes of Shake It Up just to see if it was worth my time (and to see how bad Ben Savage is currently slumming it). I’ve seen some of Secret Life of the American Teenager. Heck, I even watched half of an episode of Body of Proof once. I have a high tolerance on what I will watch.

And here, I was ready to turn off one of my go-to shows? Yes. This was, by far, one of the worst episodes of How I Met Your Mother I’ve ever seen, and this is coming from someone who sat through the Zoey episodes. It was unfunny, boring, and well, let’s face it, bad.

And I blame it first and foremost on one person: Chris Elliott.

Get Chris Elliott off this show. If you think of any episode that he’s played a large role, you’ll realized that Chris Elliott is more of a weakness than an asset to this show. “Slapsgiving 2,” anyone? He’s over the top, and while the writers seem to think that this is a good thing (Heaven knows why), it comes off as ridiculous and ill-fitting for the show. I understood when Lily’s dad was a flaky guy who just focused on his love of boardgames (even if they were awful). But to have just become a freak with weird habits — someone who is a beekeeper in his daughter’s basement — is just unrealistic. It was a cheap trick for a half-assed laugh, and it didn’t work.

Second, while I give HIMYM props for the way it tells its stories (heck, I was even a fan of the Robin episode), the five-minute, three-room storytelling just didn’t work for me. In order for this to work, you need something to happen in each room with small things building up around them. Instead, we got a nonsensical, boring scene in the living room, next to a slightly less nonsensical, boring scene in the dining room, next to a kitchen story that finally put it all together. But like the incident with the goat, the actual discovery of how the pieces fit together was lackluster and dull. I waited half an hour  to find out mice were on the cheese? So what? Robin and Ted got in a fight? So what?

And the beekeeper suit on fire? Just one flashy mess with no payoff.

The episode lacked originality and humor, and I’m incredibly frustrated for having wasted my time. Boo, HIMYM. Boo.

You better bring it next week, or else I might find a new hole in my TV viewing where I can watch some of the good TV I purchased on DVD.


6 thoughts on “HIMYM: Probably the Worst Episode Ever

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  2. @Deepa

    Not quite yet. I’m still watching live, and I’ll give it a little more time. Every show can have a bad episode now and then I guess — but this one was definitely missable. I wish I had!

  3. oh yeah, i found people who also think this episode was the worst ever !
    i had to stop watching during the third part in the kitchen the tricks and story and acting was awful like i’ve never seen it, i was first happy to watch my fav tv show after a “long” pause, but this, BEURK BEURK no way, as you said “YOU BETTER BRING IT NEXT WEEK” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Or Avaaz will make a petition. (yay)

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