Being Human: A Sea of Faces, New and Old

BEING HUMAN: 2.04 “(I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons”

Monday night was a weird night for TV. I loved Smash, hated How I Met Your Mother, and honestly, Being Human fell somewhere in between.

It wasn’t that Being Human wasn’t good. Parts were. I was particularly interested in Josh’s plotline, his meeting new “purebred” werewolves. This is something new that we’re adding to the canon: Apparently, people can be born werewolves. I know what you’re thinking, and it’s the exact thing I asked outloud, rather excitedly, on Monday night: Does that mean Josh and Nora can have a puppy?! Somehow, I don’t think Josh would appreciate my saying that too much.

The twins appear rather dangerous, frankly. They certainly don’t take to Josh’s goal to make werewolves be human. But it looks like that could be handled (and Josh might even sway to their side and help anyway). No, what’s especially dangerous about these new (un)friendly faces is that they’re constantly on the edge, feeling like they’re about to change. The fact that they have to control urges so much more than your average wolf can certainly lead to some dangerous situations. It’s definitely an intriguing development for the show.

What was less intriguing, though, were the stories of Sally and Aidan. Aidan’s still struggling with lack of blood, and as we are seeing him fight against his urges, we’re seeing pieces of his past develop before our eyes. I’m not the biggest fan of flashbacks for this show, at least in Aidan’s case. The 1920s garb and facial hair just feels forced. I was more bored than intrigued, and I just wanted to get on with the show already. In the end, Aiden finally had his kill — and Suren in the process. It looks like a dark path for Aiden.

Meanwhile, Sally had her own blast from the past, in the form of her ex-boyfriend. Sadly, I forgot who he was when he was first introduced. It wasn’t until he finally referenced his drowning himself that everything clicked. That being said, I was a bit surprised by Sally’s pity party that she threw, once she found out he’d moved on to the living. If I couldn’t remember who he was, I certainly couldn’t remember any feelings associated with it, so it was all lost on me. Nonetheless, Sally’s got her own dark times ahead (though I do hope they become a little more active and less mopey soon).

I guess this episode was more for moving plot than entertainment, so I assume some better things will come. Did anyone else lack the enthusiasm for the episode like I did?


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