One Tree Hill: Committed

ONE TREE HILL: 9.04 “Don’t You Want to Share the Guilt?”

Um, what just happened? I’m not sure I can take this season. I mean, there’s just too much drama. TOO. MUCH. DRAMA.

We’ll start with the real drama here: Nathan. Ever since Haley saw that body under the sheet in the ominous season opener, I’ve been wondering if Nathan’s days were numbered. There aren’t too many people Haley would have that reaction to. I’m still hoping for a different alternative, but with this episode ending, I’m certainly losing hope.

What do we know? Very little. Nathan was meant to come home, and even Jamie was excited. I knew the minute that we saw him tracking the plane on the computer that something wasn’t going to go as planned. But I thought it would be something huge: plane crash, car accident, something. But I didn’t expect to see Lydia’s toy in the street, with us wondering what happened. And by the scenes next week, we’re not the only one wondering.

There’s something more to it. It sure feels like someone had a hand in this, and all signs point to Dan. The way that he told Jamie a couple episodes that he wasn’t going anywhere, and his expression after he said he’d leave when Nathan got home…these two things add up to mischief — and not the good kind. But while Dan can be very evil (and I mean very evil), he’s always been one to protect his family. Could he do something to his own son?

In other news (and completely off-topic), did anyone notice that Dan and Jamie were camping in Dawson Leery’s backyard? I would recognize that set anywhere.

Then there’s poor Clay, who is not on drugs — at least not purposefully. Now we know why he walked out of the drug store. His sleepwalking has gotten worse, and it’s even happening during the day. He’s going to get help, but that means committing himself. Now I’m wondering whether we’ll see more of what Clay’s like once he’s in there, or whether we’re going to be missing him for a while. But I did notice that he and Quinn’s fight was another scene from that ominous season nine beginning. I’m glad they made up.

Julian was absolutely interesting to watch in this episode. His guilt basically consumed him; he didn’t know what to do with himself. Brooke’s reaction to everything was very realistic, and again, I think we’ve taken some good steps in their relationship. I’m glad the baby’s ok and that they will be, too. The scene in the car was especially interesting, him trying to feel what he put his son through, and I hope that we don’t have to see him so devastated  again any time soon.

As for everything else, well, that deserves bullets:

  • Skills is back! I’m glad to see Skills and to find out that he actually has a decent career — maybe he can use his connections to help out Julian’s business.
  • Mouth? Eh, I’m still not thrilled with this storyline.
  • I care very little about Chase and Chris Keller’s love triangle. Chase can be rather boring when he’s whining about a girl — actually, in a lot of scenarios — and he was really most interesting with Alex up until this season. I wish I weren’t facing this storyline.
  • By the way, new gal pal is actually a Disney brat. Used to be on a series with the Jonas Brothers. I’m mildly creeped out by how promiscuous she is on this series, given that. And how braless she is.

That’s about it. Can you wait until next week? I can’t. Why can’t I see into the future already?! Where is Nathan Scott???


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