Switched at Birth: Expulsion From the Garden of Eden

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 1.15 “Expulsion From the Garden of Eden”

Oh, Gramma, what did you do?

This week on Switched at Birth, we finally found out the secret about Angelo. He’s on the lamb, a fugitive from Italy, after assaulting someone. He gave a good story — somehow everyone in the family was feeling his sob story. But there was something about his phone call with…who was it…Marco?…that really made me wonder about whether his tall tale was really true. Something about Angelo still feels suspect to me. He just seems too goo after disappearing — too good to be true. Everyone seems to have a blindspot about Angelo (except ol’ Gramma), and I think he’s using it to his advantage.

And when they come to pick you up to deport you, do they let you take all your clothes? Perhaps Angelo took off on his own.

Anyway, beyond that, we had relationship beginnings, middles, and ends. Well, maybe not quite “ends.” There’s a question floating whether John is quite as faithful as his “perfect family” status would imply. In the end, he denies it, but it’s never actually made clear if that’s actually true. He admits that they’re not perfect. Maybe he is cheating on Katherine. While that would be a big development, it wasn’t nearly as surprising as Toby’s response. He seemed absolutely fine with the arrangement. Perhaps he’s known something was going on? Hmmm.

Then there was Bay and Emmett, who might soon be taking a step in a rather serious direction. I was surprised to find out Emmett wasn’t a virgin, though less surprised to find out Bay was. Bay’s always been in a relationship since we first met her, and with her rebellious personality, you’d expect that she was rather advanced in the sex department. But that feels almost too easy. There’s something soft about Bay, and I thought that virginity might be a big step for her. Turns out it is. I’m not sure how I feel about Emmett and Bay taking that next step (but please don’t let there be a pregnancy scare in her future — this is ABC Family after all).

Finally, Daphne and Wilke. I was happy to see her happy again (though I wish I remembered when he asked her out, maybe I missed it). It was nice to get sweet Daphne back. They’re cute together. Let’s keep it that way.

Good episode, and the previews for what’s next certainly look interesting. I can’t wait!


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