Ringer: Doppelgangland

RINGER: 1.11 “It Just Got Normal”

What’s new this 2012 with Ringer? Bangs. I’m not entirely sure why they decided to give Bridget bangs once we returned from the holidays, but my best guess is that viewers were feeling a little confused about which twin was which, and now that they’re currently in the same city, we need something other than Siobhan’s huge coats that hide an expanding belly.

That’s all well and good. If they want us to see them as two different people for clarity’s sake, then that’s fine. But the characters need to realize that, too. I mean, Henry’s not the brightest bulb, but couldn’t he tell that one woman that he was talking to was skinny with bangs, and the other had a mop of overgrown hair and a pregnant belly? This didn’t occur to him? Because it occurred to me and hopefully some other viewers. Sheesh. If they were going to do that, they could have at least pinned Bridget’s bangs back at the party, so maybe he wouldn’t see the difference. Uggh.

And what about Siobhan? She has this huge plot in the works, but she can’t seem to stay away from Henry? I realize there’s love and all that jazz, but you’d think that she would have learned to just stay away — she chose this path, no one else did.

In other news, Bridget has a new friend. Of course, in good, high society fashion, her name is Greer. In case you recognized that voice before recognizing the face, you might have seen her before as Sherry in Gilmore Girls. Personally, I think having Greer replace Gemma is quite a treat, and I think there’s a lot that we can do with her. Hopefully, though, she won’t be finding out as quickly about Bridget’s secret, or she might not make it past the first season.

Finally, there is Juliet. Now, last season, I certainly thought that Juliet made up the part about her teacher forcing himself upon her. Did Mr. Carpenter rape Juliet? Well, in this episode, it sure seemed true. Juliet was taking her hurt and pain in new arenas, and it sure seemed realistic. But there was one quick glance at the end of the episode where you start to question all over again. Was this just to cover her tracks from when he humiliated her and rejected her? Or is he really a bad guy?

Personally, I think it’d be interesting if he was such a bad guy. The entire world here is so duplicitous, I want that to carry over everywhere, and it’d be really neat to see that the one, crazy, “bad” character in the most need of controlling — Juliet — is the soft victim.

Is that wrong? Maybe I just love drama.


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