Being Human: We’re Just Monsters

BEING HUMAN: 2.03 “All Out of Blood”

Well, last night’s episode of Being Human turned rather dark (as if we were expecting anything less). The hospital has blood on lock down, and while Nora seems to have accepted her new werewolf lifestyle, she hasn’t quite figured out how to resist the urges. We forget that Josh, who always seems to have it under control, has spent a lot of time getting to the healthy medium that he’s at. Nora has a lot to learn.

And she almost didn’t. While the surprise that Aiden was sleeping with Josh’s former fiance was a shock to us, the viewers (if you saw that coming, please let me know, because I was blindsided — I had almost forgotten Josh even had a former fiance), it was more so to the characters involved. Poor Nora had little to no visible reaction to it, but she clearly didn’t take it so well. Stalking her on the way home, clearly wanting to kill her, was definitely a low point. It took a shock to her system to clear her muddy head and finally realize that she does need to be locked up in order to have anyone survive her transformation.

Honestly, Nora is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in the series. While I hate that her life is spiraling downward, monster-style, her transition has been so interesting to watch.

As for Aiden, we’re discovering how much he’s depended on that blood. I didn’t realize he had so much per day, and even one day cut off, he’s feeling the pains. He needs it not only to resist the temptation of Julia (we all know what temptation I’m really talking about here), but even day-to-day life. This is certainly going to be problematic going forward, especially now that he has tasted real blood in that final scene (his maniacal expression was rather frightening, I must say).

Finally, there’s Sally. You can’t forget about Sally. Well, it’s clear that something evil really is after here, and I am still waiting to discover what it is. I’m glad that she’s met a medium to help, though I’m a bit back and forth on whether I like this “reincarnation” storyline. It made me feel bad for the babies for one thing, and I’m clearly not alone, if Sally felt the same way. My question was whether that evil ghost figure got in any babies while it was in there. Eek.

This episode wasn’t the darkest we’ve seen, but it’s headed in a grim direction. Of course, as always, I’m tantalized. I can’t wait to see what’s next!


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