Thursday Open Thread: Shows You’ve Stopped Watching

The DVR is a wonderful thing. You can watch whatever you want, and then you can call back on your DVR to watch what you missed. I grew up with such a device (of course, I called it a VCR and made fun of anyone who didn’t understand how to program such advanced technology).

But there are always those shows that you consistently record, but you might just not watch all too often. They’re the old favorites that have gone south, and now, you just can’t seem to find that chunk of time to catch up. In the end, you just stop recording.

This is such a case for one of our commenters, DC, (and hey, she even wrote for us, too!), so she wants to know…

What shows have you stopped watching? Particularly, what shows have you stopped DVR-ing?

For me, the one show that comes to mind is The Secret Circle. The Vampire Diaries is up there, but it hasn’t quite fallen completely off yet. I’m much more invested in catching up on Damon’s internal struggle of loving Elena than I am about Cassie and her *yawn* dark power. You can probably tell this by my lack of reviews. I try, but I just can’t do it.

It’s actually rather disappointing. The Secret Circle was one of those shows I was most amped about when I heard that they’d be making a series based on the books. But the acting’s so bad and the storylines are so lame that I just can’t do it. I have officially dropped it off my DVR list.

Don’t get me wrong. If I remember and am available, sure, I might watch, but I’m not investing any more planning or technology to the pursuit.

But what about you? What shows dropped off your watching list?

Strangely enough, if you look long enough at this picture, it sure looks like Faye only has one arm, and the rest of the casts’ heads are glued awkwardly on their bodies.


One thought on “Thursday Open Thread: Shows You’ve Stopped Watching

  1. Woo hoo! I am famous! For me, it has been Glee, Gossip Girl, and How I Met Your Mother. I found that I wasn’t enjoying them anymore was just watching out of habit. Sadly, the love is gone. Glee’s music just doesn’t make up for its INSANE story lines and awful characters. Gossip Girl is just insane, and not in a “haha, we are being ironic” way, in a horrible, “we have run out of things to do” way. HIMYM used to be a top show if mine, but now? It’s sadly going the way of Friends – extreme characterizations and on and off again romances that seem repetitive, not dramatic. On the chopping block: The Office and 30 Rock. Catching them here and there in syndication make me remeber how awesome these shows USED to be.

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