Switched at Birth: How to Save a Bike

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 1.14 “Les Soeurs D’Estrees”

This episode had something in it that I’d been waiting for for a long time: Daphne to smile. My goodness, has it been so long? I feel like every episode has seen her growling and looking unhappy that I almost forgot what it was like to have the happy-go-lucky Daphne back, even if it was just in rare moments, like studying with Emmett or making cupcakes.

The entire episode really surrounded Emmett, though he was in very little. His fine for his crime was $5000 — an amount that his mother didn’t have. To that end, he was going to have to sell his motorcycle, the only thing he has left from his father, to make due. Daphne didn’t want this to happen, so she made it her job to try to save the bike, by selling cupcakes, getting money out of the Kennishes, and finally, approaching friends out of desperation. In the end, the plan didn’t work, but it wasn’t the bike that was really the takeaway here. It was the fact that Daphne, Miss Perfection, is not quite as clean as we think she is. True, from the viewer’s standpoint, we see all the mean things she says to Bay and the time she got drunk and started to fool around with Wilke in the back of his car. But to the Kennishes, she’s just perfection.

So much so, that when they found out what she did, they still blamed Bay. I felt so bad for Bay here, seeing as she really didn’t do anything wrong. She was really just trying to be helpful, even to Emmett’s mother, who would have nothing to do with it. Really, she’s starting to piss me off significantly.

Speaking of, was anyone else surprised that Emmett and his mother didn’t have money? I certainly don’t think they’re rich, but I felt like they lived in a pretty comfortable middle-class surrounding. They were never really left wanting, and we’ve never seen them as vocal about what they lack as we have with Regina, for example. Regina provides and does well, but you know that there’s a bar she just hasn’t reached yet and wants to. I never saw that with Emmett’s mother, so seeing this episode surrounding their lack of money — and her speech to Bay about how payment plans are things that people who have money understand — just felt odd. I think this could have been easily positioned in a way that you tell Emmett that since he did the crime, he’s got to come up with the cash, which means selling his bike, as opposed to being forced to do so because of lack of funds. That would make his decision at the end of the episode much more pointed.

And man, that was a good way to end that episode.

Meanwhile, we had the usual going on with the Kennishes and Regina. Regina’s still in this weird sexual tension with Angelo, and you really wonder what he’s up to. Somehow, even after his discussion with John, I just don’t trust him. I was surprised to see him so up in arms about Regina knowing for so long who his real child is. That seemed out of character, but it sure cements the idea the he left because of Daphne.

Finally, the lawsuit (also known as, the lawsuit that will never die — or for that matter, come to trial). They’ve hired a new lawyer (a familiar face for you Desperate Housewives and Mad Men fans), and it sure looks like he has what it takes to make a difference. Perhaps he has what it takes to move this plot along, too.

Until next week…


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