Catching Up on ‘One Tree Hill’

ONE TREE HILL: 9.02 “In the Room Where You Sleep”

Ok, you OTH fans, you can get angry at me. It’s been way too long since Wednesday’s episode, and this review is way behind. But there’s one main reason for it: I don’t know what to say!

It’s not that the episode was bad. Trust me. When an episode is bad, I have plenty to say. This episode was just standard. It wasn’t slow, it wasn’t fast, it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great. It was just a standard episode that moved plots along, without anything huge to make it notable.

I’m still not saying that’s bad. It’s just hard to write about.

Honestly, every show has to have episodes like this. You can’t make huge life-altering episodes every time, and after the setup in the last episode, you needed some filler to get the story moving. It’s like a book; sometimes you have those boring chapters that talk about the anatomy of a while, just so you know how to kill Moby Dick.

But let’s go with some individual points. First, Mouth and Millie. I’m assuming this is supposed to be comedic relief, but it’s something I could have easily done without. Mouth and Millie could have disappeared into oblivion, for all I care. So seeing him large, fat, and unaware is just a little ridiculous (unless he ends up having a heart attack and ends up under that sheet). It’s just kinda…eh.

Then there was the triangle between Brooke, her mom, and her dad, all discussing Baker Man. I don’t understand why Brooke doesn’t see that her dad is a sleeze. Perhaps it’s because we’ve never seen him before that we’re able to distinguish that (she clearly has a special place in her heart for her dad), but after all her mom’s warnings and his late, irresponsible appearances, you’d think that Brooke would be smart enough to see that this is a bad idea. I guess we’ll find out.

As for Clay, his sleepwalking hasn’t improved, and now Nathan has to step up and take his trip to Europe for him. This means that Dan is left at home with Haley and kids (while she does hope for the best, I can see nothing but bad things happening). Meanwhile, Clay was supposed to get medication for his condition, but in the last scene, we see him wandering away. Could it be that he fell asleep while waiting and sleepwalked away from the prescription counter? Or is there more here, where he really doesn’t want to be healed?

Finally, there’s Chase and Alex. Personally, if I were Alex, I’d be rather annoyed to discover that my boyfriend moved all my belongings in with him without even asking (after all, that’s a big step). Clearly, this backfired, given her regretful face and sudden choice to go on tour, per Chris Keller’s suggestion. I wonder what’s going to happen there.

Either way, all this setup hopefully brings some more action in the next episode. While I don’t mind the occasional episode that focuses on the show’s anatomy, I really need to know who’s going to be killed in the end.

2 thoughts on “Catching Up on ‘One Tree Hill’

  1. I’ve been watching OTH since it premiered when I was in high school. The premiere was really good and had a lot going on int so I’m not suprised they slowed things down with the second episode. My favorite parts of the episode had to deal with Clay’s sleeping and the whole situation at casa Scott.

    For some reason I don’t think Clay fell asleep and sleepwalked out of the pharmacy at the precise moment when his name was called. For one thing he actually looked back when they told him his prescription was ready before deciding that he wouldn’t be going through with it. Although I have no theories as to why he would do that. He was the one asking the doctor to just give him medication to deal with his issue. I’m looking foward to seeing where the writers take this story line. Is it all in his head or this an underlying disease that we don’t yet know about? Did it have something to do with trauma from the shooting? If so, why did it take so long for the sleepwalking to manifest?

    Dan has always been one of the best things about this series. I’m glad their bringing him back for this final season. He was pretty low-key in the first two episodes. He’s playing the part of a guy down on his luck, looking for a little help from family. But knowing Dan, that is all this is: an act. He has to have motives, he always does for his actions. And the way he told Jamie that he wasn’t going anywhere at the end proved that my feelings were correct. I can’t wait to see what Dan Scott is up to, especially after seeing him ina car with a gun in the first episode.

    I read somewhere that the actor who plays Mouth said this whole issue with the weight isn’t supposed to be comedic. I didn’t really care for what was going on with that either way.

    And I have a really bad feeling that the body Haley is looking at might be Nathan. I really hope not. Nathan has been my favorite character since the beginning of the show. Even when he was a spoiled, rich brat who treated his girlfriend like crap. His character has prgressed so much and I’ve loved seeing him as a husband and as a father. I love the relationship between Naley ( Nathan & Haley as I and many other teens used to call them ) so I don’t know if I like the idea of them killing him off.

  2. I forgot that Clay did turn around at one point. I really wonder what’s going on with him. I hope it develops quickly, though. I’m intrigued, but the debate back and forth on what to do for much longer could make me a little bored with the storyline.

    And I forgot about Dan’s really menacing look at the end. Eek. I can’t wait to see what happens with him, and how he ends up in that car with the gun with Chris Keller.

    Sadly, I also think that dead body might be Nathan. I hope I’m wrong!

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