Thursday Open Thread: What Shows Do You Recommend?

I take TV recommendations pretty seriously. After all, if I hadn’t listened to my parents, I would have missed out on both Joan of Arcadia and Gilmore Girls. If I hadn’t listened to friends, I would have missed out on Lost (though perhaps after that finale, I shouldn’t have).

And most recently, I sped through Farscape on recommendation from my brother. (Don’t tell me what happens yet — I’m just about to start The Peacekeeper Wars.) What are you supposed to take from this, other than the fact that I surround myself with people of good tastes? Well, recommendation is key to finding new shows. This makes me ask…

What TV shows do you recommend?

It’s a pretty broad question. It can be something that’s been off the air for years, something that’s been on the air a while and is still succeeding, or maybe something brand-new this year. What shows would you recommend to others?

As I sit here watching Revenge, obviously that comes to mind. And man, Happy Endings is consistently funny and worth watching. What else? Well, certainly my go-to favorites: Buffy, Angel. There are the forgotten sitcoms, News Radio and Sports Night. I’m only scratching the surface and stating the obvious here. These are all shows you already know I’d recommend.

What are some others? Those old favorites — or new addictions — that you think other people would enjoy? Farscape was certainly out of my comfort zone, but I was hooked. And I’d recommend it.

Consider thinking outside the box. What would you recommend others to watch? Let me know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: What Shows Do You Recommend?

  1. For an old show, I would recommend the Sopranos. I just finished it recently and absolutely loved it! And I somehow managed to not find out what happened at the end until I watched it! For a new show, I would recommend New Girl. The cast is great and really funny. For a show I’ve been watching for a while, I’d recommend Modern Family. Again, it’s funny and the cast is hysterical.

  2. I second New Girl, it is awesome and consistently funny. I will always reccomend Battlestar Gallactica, bc it is just so awesome. Even for those who don’t usually like scifi, it is just such a great show.

  3. For those of you who were too young to enjoy these shows when they aired, I would also reccomend Cheers, Frasier, and Three’s Company. Classic sitcoms with great casts and a lot of heart. While all three shows def stayed on the air way too long, early seasons are worth checking out.

  4. I want to second KM with the Sopranos. Not only is it a well-done show, but it’s an important one. It was one of the first shows in the recent wave of “TV as important art.” It sort of helped inspire a genre.

    That said, I’d also highly recommend Deadwood.

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