Switched at Birth: Law and Order

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 1.15 “Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear”

Well, after last week’s cliffhanger, I was really disappointed with the start of this episode. Not the episode itself, no. It was the “previously on…” that got my goat this time.

I had no idea why Emmett was arrested. That was part of the question of last week. But then, at the end of the “previously on…” we had a clip of him showing Bay the billboard he put her artwork on. Did I remember this scene? Of course not. But did I want the “previously on…” to spoil the big reveal of the episode? Not so much.

They could have easily incorporated this scene better into the “previously on…” or they could have inserted this reminder better into the episode. Way to go. You spoiled your own surprise.

But once that was over, the episode was pretty good. I’m still tired of “angry Daphne face.” Remember when this series started and she was actually happy, cute, and fun? She made Bay look like the Princess of Darkness. Now, Bay’s pretty much happy and well-adjusted, while we just get the same one-note expression from Daphne. It just gets old.

But she does have some reasons to be upset. Angelo’s still there, and he actually admitted that he left when she went deaf. While I commend Daphne’s choice to finally face him, I think she was still hoping the truth wasn’t so…true. Meanwhile, she has some basketball woes. I’m a bit surprised to find out that she was only added to the team to get a grant (somehow, I doubt Buckner would ever really be hurting for money), but even when basketball was the main event on One Tree Hill, I wasn’t all that invested. I hope they get that plot moving and fast.

Meanwhile, we found out that the Kennishes’ lawyer is actually involved with one of the members of the board at the hospital. I would agree that it’s a big deal to the case, but I do wonder whether they made the right choice in firing her. As she left, she really emphasized that they need to make the hospital pay. Do you think they’ll find someone who can?

Now, Bay and Emmett. Emmett’s mother is really annoying me. I get where she’s coming from — she’s really not being unfair. It’s just that I’m such a fan of Bay and Emmett, that I don’t want anyone standing in their way.

What was interesting about this episode, though, is Emmett’s feelings about being arrested. He really was helpless as he was carted off in the police car (they didn’t cuff him in the front, as his mother asked). And hearing him describe it was even worse. I understand that sometimes he hates hearing people; I’m surprised, though, that it came out as anger against Bay.

I would think that any anger against Bay was because he got arrested for doing something for her. That wasn’t the case. He just needed time to get over his anger over being deaf in a hearing world. But the end was super-cute. Bay is the one to talk to about being angry at the world, and just seeing them make up in the end was quite nice.

Finally, Angelo. What was he up to for those two years? All I know is that it sure sounds like a bad idea to go into business with him. And that looks like where Regina’s headed.

Until next week…


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