HIMYM: We Built Chip City…

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 7.14 “46 Minutes”

We built chip city! We built chip city on all your dough!

Oh, man. I loved that. Ted’s success at gambling while drunk was fantastic. Really, I loved that.

But let’s look at the entire episode for a moment and ask the real question here: Did we just say good-bye to McClaren’s?

So far, this season has had a few tables where the gang has hung out. McClaren’s, of course. But then there was also the diner, and now, Lily and Marshall’s kitchen table. I can’t imagine that we’re really losing the bar, but there’s certainly change in the air, and I look forward to seeing where it goes. Even if that means away from McClaren’s.

As for the real meat of the show, Lily and Marshall officially moved to the suburbs, with Lily’s father already there. Now, I’d almost forgotten that Lily and Marshall were handed this house and that her father formerly lived there. And to be honest, I found him to be just as obnoxious as he did. And slightly unbelievable. Really, you think in all those years that Lily’s extended family lived there, they would have never moved the pool table? Removed the toothpaste on the wall? Fixed the light in his room? I mean, I understand the comedic factor of the plot, but it just felt like a stretch after a while.

But then again, perhaps they meant for me to be as annoyed at Lily’s father as they were. They probably did.

But a lot of his plotline just felt like we were forced to make use of Chris Elliott. I would have been content with his arriving on Lily’s doorstep, and then we didn’t see him again (or at least for a while). After the last episode, I never found myself asking, “I wonder when Lily’s father actually leaves their house?”

Meanwhile, we had Barney, Ted, Robin, and now Kevin trying to fill the void of Lily and Marshall. I loved seeing Barney’s immediate claim to the throne of the leader of the group — and the great theme song, “How I Met Your Barney,” that went with it (see below).

Overall, I enjoyed their craziness. Did I love new Lily and new Marshall? Well, not so much. But having Ted balance all that out with his drunkenness was fantastic. While I didn’t need two intro sequences, the rest of the episode did keep me chuckling.

And you know, I’m really impressed that we’ve kept Kevin in the group so long. I really like him (dear God, those are famous last words), and he just fits the group well. I loved his hesitancy to say “no,” just like Robin did, and of course, they overcame that milestone at the end of the episode. He just works.

So overall, while I wouldn’t mind putting Chris Elliott on the sidelines for a while, I enjoyed the episode. But I’m still wondering: What’s next?


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