Being Human: And It Begins…Again

BEING HUMAN: 2.01 “Turn This Mother Out”

Being Human was one of those series I came into hesitantly — oh, I’ll just try it out — and was pleasantly surprised. Actually, that sounds a little too nice. I was lustful for every gory episode that came too fast. Too dark?

Ok, let’s just say, I was hooked.

So having it return last night was fantastic. While a lot of time passed for us viewers, only a month went by for our favorite team of monsters, and so much and so little changed at the same time.

First up, Sally. Honestly, out of all the stories from last season’s finale, Sally’s was the one I least remembered. I forgot all about her missing her door. But in that month that went by, Sally didn’t really find all that much to console her. She’s still trying to find a reason for her existence, this time, at her high school reunion.

Honestly, it was nice to have this episode to balance out some of the darker storylines. While it certainly wasn’t pleasant, talking to a 16-year-old kid who killed himself in high school and dealing with a girl who still couldn’t get over her “mean girl” popularity status, it did add a little humor to the episode. Comparing stories of deaths was morbidly funny, and honestly, I just really liked the kid. He was good (though it is interesting to note that if you kill yourself, you don’t get a door…food for thought).

The real question is what happened with Sally and her dream. Was it really only a dream? Or did she really let something in through that door? It sure looked ominous; I’m sure we can’t waste it.

As for Aiden, we have him currently leading Boston, while waiting for Mother to arrive and make the decision for him. Until this episode, we didn’t really know who “she” was going to be, and while I wasn’t all that impressed with the stiff, powerfully poised woman, it wasn’t until she sliced the heads off of two vampires with her fingers that you really realized how dangerous she was.

The disappointing part is that we didn’t get to see who Aiden really will be helping out (ooh, I know, I know — but I won’t spoil and I’m REALLY excited), but we do know a few things: 1) something happened with her that was horrifyingly bad, so much so that even vampires talk about it, and 2) she’s been in the ground for quite a while. It looks like Aiden will be in a very difficult spot for a while, but as a viewer, it looks like we’re in for some good stuff.

Finally, Nora and Josh. Last time we saw them, Nora had just figured out that Josh was a werewolf, got scratched herself, and possibly miscarried the baby. (By the way, even the actors noted that, while implied, it was left somewhat open to interpretation last season.) Well, the implication remains true, based on what we saw in this premiere: Nora lost the baby. While not said in exact terms, they did reference “that day” and talk about what the doctors said. Because of this, they haven’t had sex since, which explains why Josh also had no clue about her scratched arm.

Really, Nora’s dilemma and preoccupation was great in this episode. I liked seeing her internal struggle, trying to get more and more information from Josh. In the end, she found out — in a painful, grotesque way — that she, too, has the werewolf curse. I loved seeing her transform (why she stayed in the car for so long, I don’t know), calling out to Josh, only to have him run back to her. Aww, young love. Young, wolfy love.

All that said, who knows what’s left for the season?! I can’t wait to find out more. Come on, Monday, hurry up!


2 thoughts on “Being Human: And It Begins…Again

  1. I hope they develop the stuff that was revealed in Sally’s dream, because I’m a little worried that they might not have enough to do with her this year. Letting something dark and evil out of that door to roam around in the real world, though? That’d be kind of cool.

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