Vampire Diaries: Birthdays and Good-Byes


Wow. First, I guess it’s impressive that I actually started this post with wow. I haven’t been quiet about the fact that this season hasn’t impressed me. Stefan’s still one of my least favorite characters, and I wasn’t thrilled to see that we still had to deal with Klaus. And last episode — the first after the winter break — didn’t impress me month, because despite the fantastic breakdown provided by The TV Addict about what happened in the episodes I missed, everything was still pretty much at square one, except that everybody who wasn’t already broke up was in the outs now. Yes, I’m looking at you, Bonnie, Tyler, Jeremy, and Caroline (and not in that particular order).

So I wasn’t hoping for much in this episode. And to be fair, not much happened. But there was one scene that has turned me around on the show. And that was the incredibly interesting scene between Caroline and Klaus.

After Tyler bit Caroline, her only hope for survival was Klaus. His blood is the only cure to a werewolf bite (we’ll ignore the little fact that, technically, Tyler is a hybrid now — I guess they have the same effect). It was her birthday, so this didn’t exactly come at the same time. Caroline was already down on the fact that, frankly, she was dead, so to celebrate a birthday was rather moot.

The scene where Klaus comes in to save her is one of the few that actually has shown that Klaus has any depth of character. His discussion of time and birthdays was just so interesting. Even Caroline didn’t know how to respond. It was an incredibly well-done scene, one that gives me hope for the rest of the series, especially since I still don’t know why Klaus told Tyler to bite Caroline in the first place. Despite his suspicious kindness, there must be a plan.

Beyond that, we had the same ol’ series. Of course, as a massive shipper of Elena and Damon, I’ve somehow memorized the phrase, “It’s right. It’s just not the right time.” I love how their relationship is slowly developing and the kind patience he seems to have for her. Elena’s own scene was Stefan was just the opposite. Perhaps it’s because I missed a few episodes before the break, but I didn’t quite understand why he said he told him good-bye when he first left town. This invisible wall between the two of them (while nice since I’m a Damon/Elena shipper) is kind-of annoying, since Elena seems to be denying it’s there.

We also had Elena’s former self’s funeral. Sorry, but that one went over my head a bit, too. I doubt that Elena is in any way close to the person she was when her parents were alive (by the way, I did love that Stefan was going to kill her in the same way her parents died), so to say she’s afraid to let that go was weird. Anyway…

In other news, we had Alaric, who has his own new gal pal (strangely enough, the actress who plays her happens to be married to Stefan’s Paul Wesley), who is clearly a psycho. Don’t worry, she’s used to playing such things. I don’t know what they’re going to do with this, but it does make me chuckle if they ever hook up, to think of Wesley watching on, creepo-husband-style.

Finally, Jeremy. I should have said this last week, but since he’s saying good-bye now, I suppose it’s fair to mention it now: I don’t want to see him go, and I certainly hope that it’s not permanent. I know that’s rare for me to say. I’m usually a fan of seeing characters come full circle and then end their time on a show. He’s one of the few that’s really done a huge job developing his character (just think of how annoying he was in the first season), but he’s clearly developed a dark side, decapitating one of Klaus’ minions on the front steps of his house. Given all he’s gone through, he just is an incredibly complex and interesting character. This show needs more of them (right, Stefan?), and I do hope he’s back.

So that’s what I’ve got for birthdays and good-byes. Your thoughts on the episode?


2 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries: Birthdays and Good-Byes

  1. I thought this episode was okay. I definitely loved the scene with Damon and Elena at the very end and will not forget what he said to her either! 🙂

    I was also very intrigued by Klaus and Caroline’s scene. I’m a little confused by how the whole sired thing works, but Caroline won’t be loyal to Klaus now, will she? And what was with the bracelet he gave her?

    And with the whole Jeremy thing, I wonder if he’ll really be leaving for good. I doubt it.

  2. I’m not sure of what Klaus’ plan is, or exactly how the sire thing works, but I assume that she would not be controlled. Klaus saved Damon with his blood last season (which is why Stefan’s all baddie in the first place), and he’s not controlled by him, so I’d think the same thing would be the case for Caroline.

    The scene was really good, though. I guess it’s to show us that there’s some sadness and goodness to Klaus, almost regret that he’s living so long and the way he does. I really liked it, even if I had no clue what it meant for the long run.

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