Revenge: And the Big Twist Is…

REVENGE: 1.12 “Infamy”

I think I actually reacted loudly to the end of this episode. There are some reviewers who can claim that they saw this coming. Perhaps I should have been one of them. But I didn’t.

And it was gooooood.

Thinking about it now, I should have thought about the fact that Charlotte might be Amanda’s half-sister. I believe in the last episode, they made a reference to a baby and Victoria, but for some reason, I thought it would be some helpless child she gave away and never told anybody about. Why would I think that? She’s a grown, married woman. How could she have hidden that one from her husband?

She couldn’t. Which is why she told her husband the baby was his. Now, the next question is whether it’s true. Is Charlotte’s father really David Clarke? I imagine the next few episodes will look at just that.

The real meat of the episode was the journalist who was the target of Emily’s revenge. I’m constantly surprised how Emily can get herself out of jams. No, I’m not talking her setting fire to his house (though that was a nice touch). Namely, she knew ahead of time that he’d be seeing faux-Amanda and caught her early, so that no slips of the tongue might happen. The ear microphone was no surprise (I mean, have you seen Leverage?), so ultimately, it was handled well. I give faux-Amanda props for that. Otherwise, she was rather annoying.

Not as annoying as Declan, but we’ll get to that.

Clearly, faux-Amanda and Jack are not doing all that well now. She’s starting to show her true colors, and he’s starting to realize that perhaps she wasn’t what he dreamed her up to be. The Coyote Ugly-esque, climbing on the bar and pour shots in people’s mouths was a little much, as was the girl-on-girl kissing. Really, what this showed us was a little more how out-of-control she can be, and make Emily realize that perhaps she’s more of a risk than an ally. I’d like to see that unfold, even if she was a huge help to Emily in this episode.

As for Declan, despite Charlotte’s prominent role in the show, I constantly forget that he’s even in it. So seeing him whine over Charlotte’s new college life was just annoying.

Finally, it looks like Daniel might have a question to ask Emily coming up soon. This would be a little more dramatic if we didn’t know that later, she’d be at her own engagement party, thrown by Daniel’s mother. But perhaps the show will surprise us and throw us a curve ball. I guess we’ll see.

Either way, this episode shows us more than ever that Emily will do whatever she needs to do to make sure her targets pay.


One thought on “Revenge: And the Big Twist Is…

  1. This is hands down the best show in TV right now. Just the right amount of camp and drama and humor and pretty clothes and pretty people. I cannot wait to see where this season ends up. Come on, Wednesday!

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