One Tree Hill: Devils and Drama

ONE TREE HILL: 9.01 “Know This, We’ve Noticed”

Part of me is a little disappointed that we didn’t get a cliffhanger at the end of last season. And why would we? They weren’t sure the show was going to get picked up, so we were stuck with a faux series finale. So I wasn’t sure how we were going to start this season, when there was nothing really to build on.

Well, if we didn’t get the cliffhanger in the last finale, we certainly got it in the first few moments of the episode. We had a fire, a gun, an arrest, a breakdown, a fight, and a dead body. Um, what the hell, One Tree Hill? You only showed us one of these things! What’s going to happen this season? What aren’t you telling me? Bahhhhhh!

Let’s start with something we do know from these scenes: Chris Keller is back, and Dan’s place went down in flames. Beyond that, everything’s new. We don’t know who Dan wants to kill, what list he’s on, or why Chris is involved. We don’t know what made Brooke go bonkers in the restaurant (it didn’t look like Karen’s Cafe to me, but maybe you can correct me). We don’t know why Chase was arrested. Ok, so there’s a chance that we might know that Quinn and Clay were fighting over his sleepwalking, but we don’t know for sure. And frankly, who the hell is the dead body?!

Something else we don’t know? How much time has passed since we last saw our team of One Tree Hill-ers. Brooke and Julian have two bouncing baby boys. Lydia’s a mini-person. Nathan is doing his traveling thing. Chase clearly graduated from the airforce and is back at the bar. But how much time has passed is a little up in the air. I’m going to guess a year, but I might be wrong. (I did notice, though, that they were very careful not to show Jamie’s face this episode, so my guess is that while a year might’ve gone by in OTH time, his puberty is hitting early, which could pose some problems later in the season).

But clearly, a lot has happened. It may seem like this episode only discussed mundane things — getting babies to sleep, discussing sleepwalking, and running businesses — but with that ominous beginning, I don’t know where this season will take us. It could be a dark, dark finale for OTH. And with the weird person stalking Haley, it can only get worse. That might’ve been the creepiest part of all.

By the way, is Nanny Carrie out of jail now? Just sayin’.

Anyway, this episode was sure a lot of setup for things to come. It was a solid episode, and I’m anxious to come back next week. And the week after that. And the week after that. All until I find out who that darn dead body is!

A few other thoughts…

  • No Chad Michael Murray in this one. That’s ok. I can go a while before seeing his long hair, though for a while, I thought Haley was seeing Nathan’s dead body, and he would come back because of that.
  • I missed Skills.
  • Can someone please put some pants on Alex? I realize she’s the current sex object of the show, but I don’t need to see that.
  • Chris Keller is as obnoxious as always, this time with a fake tan and weird glasses. I’m not looking forward to any Alex/Chris sexual tension (please don’t do that to us!), and I’m wondering if he’ll grow on me.
  • Does anyone who didn’t watch the early seasons of the show even know who Chris Keller is?

Now, can it be next Wednesday yet?


4 thoughts on “One Tree Hill: Devils and Drama

  1. That opening certainly was ominous. What do you think the chances are that the dead body was a major character? Could they get away with killing off someone this close to the real end?

  2. It’s One Tree Hill! Of course they could get away with it. They’re no Joss Whedon, but they don’t scoff at taking risks.

  3. And I wanted to mention how awesome that opening was, particularly with Haley, when they filmed her feet walking into the room. That was great. So haunting.

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