Five Reasons I’m Amped for the Return of ‘One Tree Hill’

It’s almost become a joke with those who watch TV that One Tree Hill has been on so long. Heck, even Yahoo! named it one of the “Shows We Can’t Believe Are Still on the Air.” But it’s been one that I’ve been persistent to keep track of, and as of late, still rather enjoy.

So frankly, I’m one of the few still amped to see it come back on the air tonight on the CW. In fact, there are five good reasons why I’m so glad this Little Engine That Couldn’t Be Stopped is back to finish of the series.

1. The Music.OTH was one of the first series that really emphasized the music in its show. No, I’m not talking about the montages (while there were many), but they really introduced new artists to the airwaves throughout the show. It was a special effort on their part, incorporating people like Gavin DeGraw, Wakey! Wakey!, and Kate Voegele, not including inviting other favorites on the show to play at Tric. Even their episode names are song titles, which is just an added bonus.

2. Dan. I’m not the biggest Dan fan, but he has always added an interesting element to the show — usually in the sense of murder, manipulation, and evil glares. Even at his lowest points, whether that be his botched jailhouse suicide attempt or his diner work we saw late last season, he’s been an intriguing character. I can’t imagine they’ll move forward with this season without him, and I look forward to what he has in store — good or bad.

3. The Soup material. From the serious to the “seriously?!”, OTH has given Joel McHale some good material to use on his show. Come on, we’ve got Nanny Carrie chasing Jamie and Haley through a cornfield, a dog eating a human heart in a hospital, and let’s not forget, “Stay out of it, Nick Lachey!”

4. The Hijinx. Well, that Soup material doesn’t come out of thin air. This might be a show that has had murder, deception, manipulation, love, loss, death — let’s just say it — DRAMA, but it’s also had its whacky moments. Karaoke to “Busta Move”? Of course. Dancing on stage with Halloween costumes? Sure! Spice Girls dance reunion? Hell yeah! There’s a lot of fun in this show.

5. The Characters. And finally, what would OTH be without the characters? Some are newer than others, and with the exception of Mia, I’m excited to see every smiling face (though please be aware that in my upcoming reviews, I expect to mock Chad Michael Murray relentlessly). We’ve seen them grow up, fall in love, start families, and much more. Heck, most even became celebrities! Either way, I’m looking forward to a few more episodes before I have to say farewell.

But first, it’s hello to a new (abbreviated) season. Here comes a new round of One Tree Hill, one last time!


2 thoughts on “Five Reasons I’m Amped for the Return of ‘One Tree Hill’

  1. As a side note, I’d like to say how appalled I am that Yahoo! also listed Leverage as a show they can’t believe is still on the air. That show rocks.

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