Wizards of Waverly Place: Who Won the Wizard Competition?

WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE: “Who Will Be the Family Wizard?”

Sorry for the delayed post, folks. My computer got a little virus, which meant that reviews had to go on hold. I’m hoping it will be fixed soon.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have some real reactions to who the new Russo family wizard is. Who was the winner? Well, to avoid any spoilers for those of you not watching Disney Channel at 8:00 on a Friday night, check it out after the break.

Well, the winner is… Ok, let’s backtrack. The answer isn’t that easy. First, let’s talk about the competition.

This isn’t the first Family Wizard Competition that we’ve seen from Wizards of Waverly Place. The first was in the movie, where Alex and Justin fought for the title, and Alex won. That competition was rather straightforward — get to the center of the course before your sibling. Many spells were cast, and frankly, it was rather cutthroat. In the end, Alex won, but given them any other time issues with the movie, they all went back to normal, and the Russo clan was back to prepping for the real competition yet to come.

I think that’s why this competition surprised me so much. In the movie, we had no game show setting, no trick to see whether they could get along without powers. We just had the obstacle course. And many, many spells.

This one felt a little lackluster. It’s not that the game show wasn’t funny (Max was entertaining the entire episode, let’s face it). And yeah, I was fooled when I thought they lost their powers, too (though I figured they’d get them back somehow). But because of all these different reasons, I ended up being angry at Justin a lot.

I mean, he didn’t want to save Zeke, his best friend? Harper was basically a sister to him, and he was just going to let her go? I mean, as far as they knew, Harper and Zeke wouldn’t make it out alive. So seeing him so angry at Alex just seemed a little much. And to be so angry. It made me rather annoyed; Alex was just doing the right thing. Fortunately, it eventually worked out in their favor.

Now to the competition. The competition wasn’t a blank course where the siblings were slowing each other down more than anything else. This was really an every-man-for-himself competition and race through a maze. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded a few more spells. Clearly, that was the point. Alex has always been the best at casting spells on the fly (Justin has always had more book smarts), which meant that it was no surprise she was the first one to go through one of the stone walls.

And the winner? Who is the new Russo family wizard?

I already said it was a little more complicated that you’d expect. The first one to the finish line was Justin, only because Alex saved him. But in the final moments, before being bestowed with the family magic, was Justin’s seeing Alex saying good-bye to Mason, as a werewolf can’t be with a mortal. This was the moment Justin had to tell the truth: He wouldn’t have won without Alex, and it was her rightful crown.

So after five years in the making (and a few after the movie), Alex reigns as the family wizard. Most people were probably not surprised — after all, the show was really about her anyway. But it’s what happens next that was the surprise.

I often thought that all three Russo kids would keep their powers. Well, I was partly true. Justin ended up winning his own competition, now becoming the head of Wiz Tech. He gets to keep his powers, so he can teach the future generations.

And Max? Well, Max got squat where magic is concerned. He got the family business (and it was no surprise that he’d be excited about that). Honestly, I felt bad for the guy, until I remembered that it was his magic that released all the monsters on earth, which got Juliet kidnapped, which eventually led to Juliet and Mason’s fight, which made her old and him a wolf, supposedly forever. Perhaps he wasn’t the best to keep the magic.

It was a happy ending, even if one Russo did lose. I have to admit, I’m a little sad to see Wizards of Waverly Place end, as it was one of the best shows on Disney, and one of the few that actually had adult feelings of love, loss, and consequence.

But what did you think? Were you happy with the results?


3 thoughts on “Wizards of Waverly Place: Who Won the Wizard Competition?

  1. Max was kinda screwed over. I seriously think the only option was that Max HAD to be happy about getting the sub station, I mean what kinda ending would it be if he wasn’t right? I like your review! I didn’t find it strange about Justin; I think he would ultimately choose the competition over his friends..he is quite arrogant like that.. but I thought Max would be more on Alex’s side or volunteer to go himself or something since he seems more indifferent, so I was disappointed he didn’t have a larger role (but not surprised, Justin and Alex are the main’s, not him.)
    And honestly, I think Alex causes more trouble as far as magic is concerned. The monsters and special effects were so cheap and cheesy that I really can’t say it was entirely bad that Max let the monsters loose. Really didn’t seem that threatening LOL Tis a little harsh to blame him for the entire thing though, especially because he didn’t do anything with the intent to trouble everyone..

    Overall I predicted this whole thing before I watched it. I think it was a terrible ending. If they really wanted to make a good ending, they should have given magic to everyone. Now Justin and Alex will continue to have magical adventures and Max is stuck with a struggling sandwich shop LOL

  2. great review-and good because you gave people a chance to not read a spoiler-so thanks! nad a;so im glad that atleast alex got to keep her magic because everyone looked down on her being a terible wizard and max hopeless-besides max couldnt be a wizard because he wasnt the best at magic and was hardly seen practising good spells-whether as alex really did try and came up with ideas that a far more structured mind-justin would never beable to come up with,he also lacked the compassion.i.e willing to lose a friend in order to save his own skin. but they did hint he would make a great teacher-he found the most powerfull wizard[who pulled out the wand in a rock] and helped them all pass-and hes helped teach alex new spells without being too.i.e when helping her out,reciting rules.ect so being a teacher wasnt all that big a deal-im just glad that they decided to follow that through!so i too am gonna miss the show but i im glad because otherwise alex would have left and theyd just have replaced her with someone else nad it would have totally ruined it-so thanks and goodbye![i’ll treasure it always-now i’ve got to go and do some of me own spells;)]

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