Revenge: Duress

REVENGE: 1.11 “Duress”

I spent my winter hiatus doing the best I could to catch up on Revenge, and boy am I glad I did. This episode was fantastic.

First and foremost, I’m just glad that Tyler is out of the picture. We found out this week that he not only had something up his sleeve the whole time (ok, we knew that all season), but he’s just plain crazy. And he didn’t want anyone to know that. Poor Nolan was the first person that got in his way, and he was stabbed in the arm and tied to a chair while Tyler sought his own revenge.

You’ve really got to feel bad for Nolan right about now. When we last left him, he was betrayed by Emily, and even though she apologized in this episode, he still seemed pretty wounded. Then he got the literal wound. We’re lucky that Tyler’s brother arrived when he did.

Was this the ending I thought Tyler would get? Not so much. I hated Tyler from the first moment he landed in the Hamptons. I actually thought he wouldn’t make it out of this episode alive when it first started. And despite my edge-of-my-seat status, I was a little disappointed to see how the group was rescued from Tyler’s clutches. I mean, he was about to take Emily out, when his brother just ran up and distracted him. Tyler seemed surprised — not shocked. I would have thought something more severe would need to shock him out of his murderous rage, but apparently not so much. And at that point, Jack and Daniel easily took him out. It all seemed a bit anticlimactic.

All that being said, what’s more interesting than Tyler’s downfall is Emily’s role in the game. Somehow, Emily was able to predict it all. Or at least enough to keep her pretty safe. She was able to plant the wallet in Tyler’s pocket, that now links him to the murder of Frank. She was able to remove the bullets from her gun. And possibly most interesting, she was able to look terrified when clearly she was in control of the situation.

I adore this character.

This episode was just a great balance of discovery, intrigue, and general maliciousness that I wish I could get more of it right now. What’s more, we don’t know what’s going to happen next. David Clarke’s name has now been spoken out loud — in front of the girl everyone thinks is Amanda Clarke. This certainly puts a twenty-year cold case back at the forefront. As much as I, as a viewer, knew that the faux-Amanda was causing trouble by asking about what Tyler meant, I knew that it also had to be done. Why wouldn’t someone ask why her father was being mentioned and what a psycho with a gun meant when he said, “the truth”?

So what’s faux-Amanda going to do next? I’m pretty sure that’s a secret Emily wants buried…until the right time at least.


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