Jane by Design: True Jackson, VP Meets ABC Family

JANE BY DESIGN: 1.01 “The Intern”

This is not going to be a positive review.

Where do I start with this? Let’s start with Jane. Jane is a smart, pretty, fashionable girl in high school. And yet, we’re supposed to believe that she’s incredibly unpopular. Now, seriously, let’s look at this. Realistically, would this girl ever be unpopular? She’s a pretty attractive girl with really good hair. Heck, she was prettier than the ugly version of Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries. When she first sat down in class, I thought LuLu was going to ask her why she was late as her best friend. But no, she’s the mean girl, who made fun of her uber-fashionable outfit (come on, everyone knows those military/band style jackets are in fashion right now — or at least were when this was probably filmed). I just don’t get it.

Then let’s go to her job. First, she looks young. How old do we think she is? For this to be a sustainable series, she has to be probably no older than 17. Which makes her probably 16. I’m not sure how old she claimed to be on her tax forms, but I doubt anyone would assume that she was a young 20-something. Second, it makes the whole hot-guy-in-the-office premise kinda creepy. Every time he flirts with her, I just want stick a pair of handcuffs on him.

Now, as for her boss. If you can’t tell already that this is going to be a weird mother/child relationship, clearly you were watching another show. I thought it was overkill to say twice that Jane’s mother is out of the picture. And it is. You only need to say it once. But in that second time, they actually established that her mother was in fashion. No one knows where she is. Jane has that void in her life. My guess is that Gray is going to fill that hole (they look rather cozy in the theme song and in promos) in a figurative sense. But as I’m writing this, I just realized something else:

They’re going to do it literally.

Crap. They’re going to make Gray her mother. Ok, so this is all just speculation but…seriously? Come on. How lame is that? Sigh. Uggh. I wince. But that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it won’t? (I don’t know if we’ll be so lucky.)

Let’s move on. I’m pretty good at staying on a show — especially a new one. I’m surprisingly tolerant of commercials. But this show was so unbelievable and boring that I actually started flipping channels in the commercial. Yes, I did end up watching the entire premiere episode, but honestly, it just didn’t work. I care little about Jane or any of the other characters (with the exception of her two friends in the office — they’re FANTASTIC), and I lost all interest after half an hour. In fact, I think this would work a lot better if it were 30 minutes, with no drama, and perhaps a comedic boss.

That’s right. I just requested True Jackson, VP. Please, oh, please, don’t let this bet the next best thing for ABC Family. I’m not sure I can handle it.


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