HIMYM: New Beginnings

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 7.13 “Tailgating”

I have mixed feelings about this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother. I guess we’ll start with the bad.

Ok, so I suppose it wasn’t bad, but I think the writers need a clearer memory of the show’s canon. Yes, we all remember when Ted and Barney decided they should buy a bar and name it Puzzles. The part that the writers somehow forgot was the episode, “Three Days of Snow,” when Ted and Barney basically took over McClaren’s, took the party up to their own apartment, and then learned their lesson about running their own bar. So why did we need another episode where they opened a bar in their apartment? I mean, it was different. They had price increases, broken items, vomit, and a bouncer (ok, he was funny). But this wasn’t a fresh, new storyline for the show. I’m just surprised to see it on this episode. (Update: There was one new thing that came out of it, and that was the Puzzles website — with theme song included. Check it out. I love the HIMYM random websites.)

The Sandy story was a little ridiculous, too. As much as Sandy can be an entertaining character, he’s much funnier in his arrogant, condescending way, where his sexual harassment is an off-hand comment. His drunkenness just felt too forced.

That being said, I appreciated Robin’s first step in the spotlight. I’d forgotten that she was no longer on air, so I didn’t realize that she’d miss it. Now, I thought for sure that when she received the first phone call, it was the station asking her to fill in — not for the producer job, but for the host. So the entire episode, I was wondering when she’d finally just fill Sandy’s shoes. And by the way, I just love Kevin. His support for Robin was fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her upward growth.

And finally, there was Marshall. Damn you, HIMYM! You’ve got to put something sentimental in there to make me want to cry. Not necessarily Lily’s discovery of her father at the door (though her speech beforehand about how he gave her nothing to believe in was touching). Why didn’t that sway me? Well, it was very much like Barney’s discovery of Ted’s car accident seasons ago, being calm on the phone and then running to his bedside (before getting hit by a car). Sure, it was nice to see him at the door, but somehow, I thought something like that might happen.

No, I’m talking about Marshall at his father’s grave. I didn’t love Marshall being the narrator on this one, and I thought it was all silly. But then, once you realized that all those people around Marshall were treating him like his own father, it was just heartwarming. And darn it if I didn’t end up tearing up. Yes, I’m a sucker. What can I say?

So a solid episode for HIMYM. Here’s hoping for an episode soon when I won’t cry, though. Come on, guys. Give me a break! It’s a new year! A fresh start.


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