Thursday Open Thread: What’re You Looking Forward To?

We’re coming to the end of 2011. What a year it was. I mean, just looking at what’s been posted in our awards alone, you can see some big things happened. While I can’t say that Fall TV was all that impressive, our premium stations really made a flying leap forward, giving us an incredible fantasy series that even the biggest skeptics were moved by.

Kudos, 2011.

But enough about the past…

What are you looking forward to in 2012?

There are some new shoes (Smash, though I’m still skeptical of what NBC will do with it). There will be returning old favorites (One Tree Hill, anyone?). And, of course, anticipated second seasons (“Winter is here.”).

And then, there’s obviously hope for next fall. We really don’t know what’s coming for new series, but I’m certainly hoping it’s better than the last.

For me, personally, I’m looking forward to seeing One Tree Hill. Even if it’s past its prime, I have a soft spot in my heart for the show, especially knowing that it’s going to end (for real this time).

I am also curious to see what happens with Smash.They’ve been advertising the heck out of this show, and it looks like it could have potential. But does anyone other than me care about a show about theater? And is NBC going to do well with it? They don’t have the best track record for either new shows or unique premises.

And then, I can’t wait to see the return of some of my current favorites, like Revenge. I can only imagine what’s in store for the series, and I really can’t wait. And this new year, I plan to keep up with it better! Now that American Horror Story has finished up, I can devote my time to Emily Thorne!

What are you looking forward to?


2 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: What’re You Looking Forward To?

  1. I’m looking forward to Grey’s Anatomy returning! I’m surprised by my choice…but by the way the last episode ended, the new episodes should be exciting and very emotional.

  2. Revenge! And Pretty Little Liars! 30 Rock too, although after seeing so many early eps in syndication lately,I am hoping they are able to go back to their original luster:)

    I am VERY sad that Prime Suspect is not coming back – it really was a fantastic show.

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