Merry Christmas from Raked, the Happy Conquerer

Merry Christmas! Well, despite a late-in-the-game obsession with Farscape that tried to distract me from the Christmas Challenge, I successfully watched and reviewed 25 Christmas episodes of old TV shows this December. I hope you enjoyed it. I did my best to choose episodes old and new — but not too new. Episodes from this fall didn’t count, as I really wanted to make sure I was watching something additional to my usual lot.

Now we have a great sea of recommendations — things that I loved, liked, and hated. And if you didn’t catch all the reviews, check out the slideshow below, which tells you exactly what to watch and what to miss this Christmas.

And of course, I hope your holidays were filled with nothing but happiness and joy. And good TV.

Merry Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Raked, the Happy Conquerer

  1. Excellent work! I’m somewhat surprised no Gilmore Girls eps showed up on the list. (Not a complaint, just an observation. No idea whether they had any decent Xmas eps.)

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