Christmas Challenge: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

STUDIO 60: 1.11 “The Christmas Show”

I’ve saved the best for last. What an amazing episode. Studio 60 was a show cancelled long before its time, and this episode shows that every time I watch it. Man, I love this show, and I love this episode in particular.

It’s a good blend of humor and sentiment. Matt wants to do a Christmas show (despite his being a Jew), and the entire episode is like pulling teeth trying to get a Christmas show done. After all, it’s 85 degrees in LA. People are going to the beach, not wishing for snow. And frankly, the show’s never done a Christmas episode before.

What commences is just something hilarious. The writers are constantly telling Matt reasons why the Christmas story — and the nativity, for that matter — couldn’t actually happen. My personal favorite is when they calculate how many reindeer and how fast they’d need to go in order to get Santa to deliver two presents to every kid.

Meanwhile, Cal is actually excited about the show, but every step of the way, he’s got hilarious moments. He tries to break open a coconut for snow, only to break a table instead. He brings over a Santa that looks demented with crazy eyes and a Nazi salute. And when he finally gets the snow working, he ends up cooking it with the lights!

But it’s not all Christmas ridiculousness. There’s a good, serious storyline about what Jack has to do after a live newscast broadcasts the F-word in a military environment. What ensues is a fantastic display of debate and discussion about what’s right and what’s wrong — and when rules need to be broken.

Finally, there’s relationship acceleration. Danny and Jordan are by far some of the cutest people together in the world, and seeing Danny finally “say it” (as Matt kept telling him to do) at the end of the episode is fantastic. She has the cute cheeks filled with sandwich and has no response to his profession of interest.

But the best part is the end. After discovering that musicians were calling out sick all over the city so homeless musicians from New Orleans can sit in, they arrange for an unbelievable song on the show, complete with images from New Orleans in the background. It’s made that much more poignant when you see the one that says, “All I want for Christmas is my city back.” It’s beautiful and just so well done. Kudos.

Recommendation: This is a must-watch every Christmas. I already do! Every year, I can’t wait to hear the final song, “O Holy Night.” Definitely add this to your annual viewing.

And as a Christmas treat, check out the wonderful performance below.


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