Christmas Challenge: Community

COMMUNITY: 2.11 “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”

Troy and Abed in Stop Mooootion!

This can’t be any surprise. Community really broke all rules last year but producing their either Christmas episode last year in stop motion. Right along the lines of Rudolph, Frosty, and other iconic characters, the entire team was made into Claymation characters. Not only that, but they were transformed into holiday versions, walking in a holiday realm, in an attempt to get to the North Pole and find the true meaning of Christmas.

I love it. What I love more, though, is that things aren’t always what they seem. This isn’t your usual Christmas story. The gang is there because Abed seems to have gotten himself wrapped up in a fantasy that they are trying to break him out of. Some sort of mental breakdown.

But Abed won’t let them break his journey. Between songs and jokes, various members of the group are evicted, some picked away by humbugs and others stolen by the Christmas pterodactyl.

But in the end, Abed finds his answer. Well, maybe not. The meaning of Christmas is the first season of Lost, representing lack of payoff (I adore this joke and will do so for years to come), and the team comes to his rescue against the evil wizard, singing a happy song (with weaponry, of course).

What’s wonderful about this episode is not only the jokes, but also just how much time the team behind Community spent on the smaller details. The fact that as people enter and leave Abed’s world, you can see rips in the scenery that depict the study room that they just were. The fact that there are flowers that just sing Christmas carols. And even the costumes that each of the Community group were dressed as — Annie, a ballerina; Britta, a robot; Jeff, a jack-in-the-box (which squeaks for every sarcastic comment); Shirley, a baby doll; Troy, a toy soldier; and Pierce, a teddy bear. It’s just so creative and unlike anything you’ve seen any other TV series do.

I love it.

Recommendation: A must-watch that should be on your viewing list every year, alongside the real stop motion classics. If the creativity doesn’t grab you, just wait for the heartwarming end, and after they all watch a holiday special together, in the reflection of the clay-made TV, you can see the real team gathered there, as a holiday family.

Aaaaaaand Christmas pterodactyl!


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