Christmas Challenge: Scrubs

SCRUBS: 1.11 “My Own Personal Jesus”

I love this episode. It’s probably not my favorite episode of Scrubs (they have some fantastic ones), but this one is just great. What’s funny, though, is that, despite how many times I’ve seen it, there are a lot of things I don’t remember. At least, I forgot that certain plots were part of this episode in particular.

For example, take JD’s mistake while taping the birth of the new baby. First, I always wonder why Cox wouldn’t tell JD to replace the tape (if someone handed me a camera, I would figure that it was ready to go). But second, I completely forgot that there were two baby stories in this one episode. I thought this stood on its own elsewhere in the Scrubs canon. But this isn’t really the story that makes me love this episode (clearly, if I forgot it).

But before I get there, I wanted to mention Elliot. She’s another one that I forget about this episode. Her quest to prove that she’s not another woman that’s going to move to pediatrics or gynecology. Because of this stubbornness, she turns away a troubled girl who needs to have her child immediately.

Which all leads me to Turk. Turk’s doubt of God in this episode is really what I love about this episode. Not the doubt in particular, the how much of his story feels like a real Christmas story. After seeing so much violence, pain, and hopelessness on Christmas Eve in the hospital, Turk has doubts about his faith.

But in one of the best moments in the episode, Turk sees a shining light in the sky that makes him run — RUN — to the park, just in time to help the young mother give birth to her Christmas child. I don’t know why, but Turk’s running always gives me goosebumps, even thought it’s slightly comedic in how dramatic it was.

In the end, they have a new baby in the world, and even JD can see that similarities to Jesus’ own Christmas story (even putting people in their own nativity costumes). It’s a beautiful moment, topped off by JD’s statement, “God Bless Us, Everyone.”

Yeah, even the group found that one cheesy. So we leave the show with the characters we love just as they were, a bunch of friends teasing each other this bright and shiny Christmas season.

Recommendation: Definitely watch this episode at Christmastime. It will get you in the spirit and make you laugh at the same time. Plus, it’s one of the few episodes that has religious undertones. And sometimes that’s just nice to see at Christmastime, you know?


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