Thursday Open Thread: Name Your 2011 Award Nominees

Ok, so I’ve been a bit distracted. Instead of devoting my time coming up with some good open threads this December, I’ve been focusing on watching Christmas episodes. Many, many Christmas episodes.

But we’re nearing the end, and I need to shift gears. After all, 2011 is almost over! And that means, we need to think about some 2011 awards for our favorite — and worst — TV shows and characters this year!

So here’s your chance. Nominate some shows, characters, episodes, plotlines, genres — whatever the case may be — for a 2011 Award! Name your own category, and let me know who or what you think should win. We did this last year, so you can take a look at that for reference: Part 1 and Part 2. To get your creative juices flowing, here are some of my favorite categories last year:

  • Best Use of an Underused Character
  • Most Lackluster Death
  • Most Amount of Inappropriate Relationship Information Shared with One’s Children
  • Most Uncomfortable Boob Moment
  • Best Heartfelt Moment in an Action Scene
  • Worst Show We’re All Watching
  • Didn’t I Used to Be an Important Character? Award
  • Most Commendable yet Horrifying Episode
  • Most Improved, Most Tense Dinner Party, and Most Obnoxious Teenage Boy Outside of Twilight

Some of these may still apply.

Just let me know your choices for awards in the comments below, and yours will be included on the list! Get creative, but hey, if you want to nominate a show for best series on the air right now, do that, too! We want a good range of awards — and shows — represented.

Any time in 2011 counts, so don’t just consider our new fall shows. A lot happened last spring, too.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with! I’m gathering my own list, and we’ll premiere the 2011 Awards next week! So check back!

Strangely enough, I noticed Dollhouse won some 2010 Awards last year. Isn’t it crazy that Dollhouse feels a lot longer ago than just last year?


5 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Name Your 2011 Award Nominees

  1. Most unexpected death.

    Creepiest family relationship.

    I’ll think of a few more.

    Very appropriate picture btw!

  2. How about best and worst use of music in an episode? I’ve got a nominee for both, although my nominee for “best use” probably shows how little TV I’ve actually watched this year. (Frankly, I think this should be an award every year.)

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