Christmas Challenge: Bones

BONES: 1.09 “The Man in the Fallout Shelter”

You don’t normally think of Bones being in the Christmas spirit, but I always enjoy this episode. And I’m not the only one. Commenter KM recommended this one for reviewing, too.

What happened? Well, everything’s going pretty much as planned, until a contaminate enters the ventilation, and the group is quarantined. Fortunately, no one’s harmed, but it’s a bit of what Community‘s Abed would call a “bottle episode,” along with some drugs that gets ol’ Booth high.

And that part’s great. Really, Booth is just fantastic overall, in his serious-but-humorous-but-compassionate way. I particularly love when he pops up behind Booth announcing that it was Christmas Eve in a Christmas hat and undershirt. Yeah, he’s entertaining.

But really, this episode’s about revelations. It’s not just the case they’re working on, which was a murder from the ’50s. It’s about Booth and his son. No one in the lab really knew he had a kid, and now we know he has a four-year-old who he was supposed to see at Christmas.

And then there’s Bones. Out of everyone, Bones is certainly the one that isn’t in the Christmas spirit. As we find out, Bones’ last memory of Christmas was the one right after her parents disappeared. It brings up only bad feelings in Bones, and she doesn’t want to participate in the festivities.

But the rest of the group does, and by the end, even Bones understands the love, compassion, and giving spirit that is Christmas. It’s a nice episode, and I just ultimately love seeing this gang together. They’re just a lot of fun, and seeing them make gifts for each other (using their own special talents) is just really neat.

Plus, who could turn down that Christmas tree Angela made?

Recommendation: It’s a sweet episode. Even if it hurts to see Zack, knowing what’s going to happen to him, it’s worth watching. Maybe bones and procedurals aren’t your taste, but this one’s worth watching.


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