Christmas Challenge: NewsRadio

NEWSRADIO: 2.10 “Xmas”

Tis the season of giving. Well, in this particular case, receiving. And, um…killing?

We start off with Santa. Happy, go-lucky Santa. Who hates Bill McNeil. And wants to kill him. In fact, every time he’s alone with Bill, he tells him multiple ways he wants to kill him. Bill tries to tell others — the security guards, Dave, Lisa — but no one believes him. In fact, they all just laugh. After all, Bill’s had somewhere around six stalkers already this year. Who needs to take him seriously?

Well, Bill, for one. He surprises Bill in the bathroom, claiming that he just wanted to get his attention. He has a demo tape for him. But to his surprise, it’s not that innocent. Of course, poor Bill finds this out once he’s already driving down the road with broken brakes.

But that’s the end of the episode. Back to the start, we’ve got the team amped up for Christmas, with gifts in tow. They get Mr. James a fantastic gift, only to discover that he gave them leftover hats with their names ironed on them. When Dave mentions their disappointment, he gives them all cars. Well, except for Matthew. He gets tapes of an old radio show.

The episode then turns into “What should we do about Matthew,” and it’s really funny to see Matthew discover that he was the one left out. Really, the entire episode has this funny, pathetic feel about it, which only a few shows can do successfully.

In the end, though, it’s Matthew who lucks out. He didn’t just get tapes. He got the entire radio show franchise for these two characters. He might’ve just gotten something better than a car.

The episode might not have all the crazy antics some of the other famed episodes might, but the quirkiness of each of the characters still comes through, and it’s great. Everyone’s reactions to getting cars, for example, was great.

More so? Trying to convince Mr. James that a shirt with an iron-on name and a company logo underneath isn’t all that great a gift. Really, I love Mr. James. He’s just so clueless, it’s fun.

Oh, and incorporating an evil Santa? Who can complain about that?

Recommendation: It’s an episode of a great show chock full of Christmas themes. You can’t go wrong with this one (even if I did tell you the entire plot).


One thought on “Christmas Challenge: NewsRadio

  1. I can’t believe I forgot about this episode. I must go rewatch. I can still remember. Matthew’s bitter laughter as he listens to his tapes after he found out everyone else got cars. Kinda creepy.

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