Christmas Challenge: Sports Night

SPORTS NIGHT: 2.08 “The Reunion”

From Sabrina Lloyd in Sliders to Sabrina Lloyd in Sports Night. I thought this would be a good transition.

Sports Night is one of those really great shows, and this episode is no exception. It is a Christmas episode, but for the most part, you won’t notice unless you watch the B-footage introductory scenes after commercial breaks of ice skating at Rockefeller Center. Oh, and the references to Secret Santa.

Honestly, the Secret Santa parts are great. Natalie asks what Casey wants for Christmas, because she’s his Secret Santa. She gives him two days or else he’ll get socks. Casey’s rather preoccupied, though, as he got Isaac, and apparently Isaac isn’t easy to shop for. Isaac recommends Casey buy a cheese grater (because he likes cheese, of course), which launches Casey into a rather intense search, which is rather funny. In the end, Isaac doesn’t really care, and he just likes that Casey took the time to understand what he might like. And isn’t that what the season of giving is all about anyway?

And yes, Casey ends up getting socks.

Beyond that, it’s a rather normal episode for the show, where Dana’s worrying about her brother, who’s an athlete that was outed for using steroids, and Natalie’s hoping to get Dan’s advice on her audition reel, so she can later become a substitute anchor. Both stories are rather straightforward and don’t encompass the Christmas spirit, unless you see that in the end, what matters is friends and family.

Ultimately, the episode has a happy ending, and it’s just touching. Dana might be upset with her brother, but in the end, she promises to be the one person in his life that isn’t angry with him. That’s all well and good, but really, Isaac gets the prize for moving his award aside in his office to feature the cheese grater Casey spent the time to buy for him.

Recommendation: A good episode for any time of year, and as with any other episodes of Sports Night, I’d recommend it. But if you’re looking for a Christmas classic, this will entertain but won’t fit the bill.


One thought on “Christmas Challenge: Sports Night

  1. Isaac’s replacing his award with the cheese grater was quite touching. As was the scene between Dana and her bro.

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