Christmas Challenge: Sliders

SLIDERS: 3.12 “Season’s Greedings”

I told myself to review more dramas, and here I am. I’ve got sci-fi under my belt. I went to ol’ 1996 with an episode of Sliders.

Oh, consumerism. That’s what this episode fights in this episode. Ok, well, sure. There’s an actual plot. The team lands in a world that is filled with yuletide cheer — at least at first glance. But when Arturo is left with a child and the mother disappears, it become a case of reuniting mom and son. As it turns out, the mother lives and works in a mall in the sky that holds her captive because of awful debt. Why can’t she pay it off? Well, subliminal messaging keeps making her buy more and more.

Meanwhile, Wade has her own issues. She lands in the mall only to discover that one of the executives there is her own sister — of course, her sister from another world. Her father’s there, too, but neither of them know who she is. In this world, her mother and she died in childbirth; Wade never existed.

It’s a harsh reality for Wade. Seeing her family, even if they’re not the ones she knew, just makes her remember that this Christmas — as with all the others — she won’t be with her family, and she’s left lonely and sad.

But it’s not all unhappy. Wade gets to spend some quality time with her father and reveal the truth to her sister. Fortunately, her sister knew nothing of the subliminal messaging, as Quinn and the crew break open the case, only to get the man in charge arrested and all others freed. And hey, even Mysterious Mother gets the baby back.

What’s probably best about the episode is seeing Arturo as Santa Claus, telling Christmas tales and convincing children that greed and products are bad. It’s a strange position to put Arturo in. I mean, of course, he’s Santa — he’s the largest one of them all. But for a man of science, it’s strange to see the emphasis on miracle and belief come from him. If I recall, Wade was really the most spiritual of them all, but hey, I guess it fit the episode.

Anyway, it was a fun one to watch, so I’m glad I can include it on the list. Plus, Wade, Quinn, and Remy dressed as elves? Who would want to miss that?

Recommendation: Let’s be honest. This is season three of Sliders, when the show starts to go downhill. But hey, at least it’s Christmas. I’d say, if you’re a Sliders fan, go for it. If you’re just looking for Christmas material, there’s more out there.


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