Christmas Challenge: The Jetsons

THE JETSONS: 2.41 “A Jetson Christmas Carol”

After Arrested Development disappointed (or confused) me, I moved on to a classic. Yep, I turned to a cartoon. Much like many cartoons, The Jetsons had its own “Christmas Carol” episode.

So I watched it. Considering that it’s called “A Jetson Christmas Carol,” the real Scrooge in the episode was Spacely, George’s boss. The episode was a wee bit disjointed, but all in the Christmas spirit.

While the Jetson family prepared for Christmas — buying gifts and watching their dog play with his new toy — George was working, forced to stay late on Christmas Eve by his mean ol’ boss. We’re not going too deep here. It’s pretty directly in line with Dickens’ tale.

And the story isn’t without its ghosts. After Spacely let’s George go home, he has his own visitors. Robot ghosts, as it turns out. He shows him past, present, and future, which makes him change his ways. He sees how he abused young George, taking for granted the work he does for him. He sees George’s family with their own Tiny Tim — Astro, the dog, who swallowed a sprocket when his toy broke and is dying. And then he sees the future, with the Jetson family rich and happy, having sued Spacely for the faulty sprocket.

The only thing missing in this tale is when Spacely changed for the better. He does change at the end of the episode, but it’s mainly because he doesn’t want to get sued in the future. He wants to keep his money. He brings a doctor to the Jetson home and saves Astro’s life.

Nonetheless, it woke up the child within and was still fun to watch.

Recommendation: It’s short and cute. I recommend it for some nostalgic Christmas cheer.


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