Christmas Challenge: Modern Family

MODERN FAMILY: 1.10 “Undeck the Halls”

This one’s a good one. Of course, we start off with a video chat with Phil’s family. Seeing as I’m far away from my own family, it was all very familiar, down to moving the camera to show the tree and emphasize certain ornaments. Of course, the Christmas sweaters and the video chat’s not the point. Instead, it’s the burn Claire finds on the couch, which means one of her children just might be smoking. What’s the punishment when no one confesses? Cancel Christmas.

While I enjoy watching the kids try to figure out the best way to manipulate each other to get Christmas back, the best part of this storyline is watching Phil and Claire figure out a way to get it back themselves. They didn’t actually want to cancel Christmas. Whoops.

Meanwhile, Cam and Mitchell have their own Christmas drama. They accidentally get a skinny Santa fired, which leads them to a guilt-filled dinner with said homeless Santa. Their dilemma isn’t the highlight of the episode, but it ends with Santa punching a caroler in the face, and who doesn’t like that? The best part of this storyline was seeing the old Lily; I think that part almost brought me to tears.

Finally, my favorite part. Jay loves his traditions, which are being thrown off-course by his pranking family. I think the reason I like this so much is because Jay’s always been the cold one, keeping everything at arm’s length (except maybe his butler dog). So seeing him get to excited about the holidays and particularly teary at Miracle on 34th Street was just entertaining. It was a nice change.

Recommendation: So I might not have too much to say about the episode, but it’s a good, funny new classic. Recommended? Yes.


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