Christmas Challenge: Tru Calling

TRU CALLING: 2.06 “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…Again”

This is kind-of a different episode to review for the Christmas Challenge. This episode was never aired. The final episode of the short-lived series, it only lives on the second season DVD set. But it’s a holiday episode and a good episode of a good show, so I wanted to make sure it hit the list.

Tru Calling was one of my favorite shows when it aired. It hit around the same time period where networks thought viewers wanted supernatural help — you know, things talking to people, where they started doing strange things just to help the world a bit. Joan of Arcadia, Wonderfalls, heck even Ghost Whisperer land in this set of shows, and you have no idea how dismal it is to realize that the one that took off was Ghost Whisperer. Man, I miss Tru Calling.

This episode just enforced it more. And you must remember, this is a Christmas episode. But not in the way you think. Yes, there was a dead Santa, but instead of having a “Ho-ho-help me” (their joke, not mine), we had a cadaver who has been dead for a while asking for help. What’s more? Tru actually has to get some help of her own from her arch-nemesis Jack.

Tru’s storyline was standard Tru Calling fare, but the entire episode was set at Christmastime, even landing Tru and Jack at Christmas Eve service and a pre-Hangover Zach Galifianakis in a Santa suit, trying to impress his new gal pal Carrie. The best part of the episode had to be Davis handing out gifts for kids, but since he couldn’t get hold of the late Santa’s bag of toys, he’s forced to hand out what he could find. As one kid asks for a ferret, David hands him a bone saw, telling him he can use it to cut…wood. So what does the next child ask for? Super-excitedly, a bone saw! Instead, she got a splatter guard. Dexter would be pleased.

Sure, the episode goes to the cliche side when the entire team — including Jack — end up at Tru’s for Christmas dinner, but hey, she’s in the Christmas spirit.

Ok, so Christmas aside, let’s really talk about this episode. If you haven’t seen Tru Calling or if you’re a fan that hasn’t seen this episode, you might want to skip down to “Recommendation,” because I’m going to go all story-arc on you. This episode was huge! It all starts with Harry discovering that his father is working with Jack, something we found out at the end of the first season, but the team has been blind to. The day unfortunately rewinds and they cover their tracks. In the end, we discover how close Davis is getting to Carrie, Jack and Richard’s mole. We may have known that already (I can’t remember, but I think we did), but the big news here is that Davis trusts her enough with Tru’s secret. This is bad news all the way around, and her quick glance to the boys with a slight nod of the head is just showing us how dangerous she really is.

Then there’s poor Jensen, who True saved in a previous episode. He has a new appreciation of life (and Tru), but a side comment from Jack indicates that he’s not ready to let that death go. Jensen’s in trouble.

But you know what? We’ll never find out what happens! This episode had the classic setup of a fantastic mid-season finale and never returned. I actually yelled at the end of my viewing this episode…and I was rewatching it and knew what was coming. I’m heartbroken all over again. But I’m glad I knew it all.

Recommendation: For a true Tru Calling fan it’s required viewing. If not for the Christmas feel, for the development of the series. Then have your self a merry little sobfest as you think about what could have been.


One thought on “Christmas Challenge: Tru Calling

  1. Sad. Makes me think about how Carnivale was cancelled too soon. Though at least that got an entire second season; Tru Calling’s demise sounds much more tragic.

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