American Horror Story: What Lies Beneath

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1.10 “Smoldering Children”

This episode was a commendable one for Violet, who frankly, didn’t take the news well. How do you? Personally, I found it so interesting to see her piece together the house. To go in the basement and see all of the ghosts down there (all the ones we’ve met so far anyway), and not be able to handle it. While I don’t think this is the case, part of me wonders if Violet really did die from that suicide attempt, and both she and Tate don’t know it. I think she is alive, but it’d be interesting to find out otherwise.

That excerpt was taken from my review of “Piggy Piggy,” the episode when Violet attempted suicide. As you can see, I did have that moment where I wondered if Violet actually died in that attempt. But I brushed it off. I said it wasn’t true. I think she is alive. I was wrong.

Hindsight is 20/20. I could tell you right now that, “Hey, I called it!” but I’m not going to. Even I was surprised at the development last night where we found out that 16 days ago, Violet successfully committed suicide. She, like Tate, is dead.

The reveal was interesting. Not only was Violet’s run through the house incredibly cool. It actually felt a lot like the comedic scene in The X-Files that I reviewed last week, but without the comedy. Seeing her fleeing for her life, only to find out that any path to escape put her back in the house was interesting. It really gave us a view of what all these other ghosts were feeling and experiencing (with the exception of Halloween, when they could walk freely). The couple walking their dog, ignoring the cries of poor Violet while the dog barked at her (animals can sense the supernatural) was just a fantastic touch.

But ultimately, it was heartbreaking. As we saw Violet realize what really happened, she didn’t get scared or angry. She just started crying. Hearing her whimpers at seeing her own dead body, unable to see her face because of her hair, it was just well done. Violet’s really becoming one of the only interesting characters of the series, and this development just adds to it. I want to say that I wish I’d known. But I was fooled for the last few episodes, just like many other viewers. I should have known better.

The rest of the episode, well, that was just ok. I cared little about the development of Travis’ murder, but Larry’s progression was interesting. After all, he’s now realizing that he needs to repent for his crimes (apparently he thinks those “crimes” are just cheating on his wife, but I’d like to toss in the murders of the guy wanting to buy the house and Hayden to that list). I was nice that he could see his family again, but man, it was rather gross.

Constance really annoyed me in this episode. I don’t have much to say about her other than that. But seeing her relationship with Tate and Larry in the flashback sure was horrifying. Now we know that Tate not only shot up the school but lit Larry on fire.

Is anyone else finding Tate more creepy the more he tells Violet he loves her? Anyway…

Finally, Ben. As far as we know now, Ben knows Tate raped Vivien and is the father of one of the children. And he’s unconscious on the floor. I doubt he’s dead (that’d be annoying now that we know Violet is, and I’d like to keep as many people alive as possible), but I do wonder what consequences we’ll see once he awakens.


One thought on “American Horror Story: What Lies Beneath

  1. Good write-up, and good instincts a few weeks ago even if you decided against them. I didn’t see this coming at all.

    Tate is such a dark character, and has done so many evil things, but the way his voice broke and cracked as he described how Violet died in his arms was really touching. Violet’s own reaction to seeing the body was great too. I can’t say she seems overjoyed at the prospect of staying with Tate for all eternity. How much of her own free will is she going to maintain while trapped in the house? It seems like the house can really manipulate the thought and actions of the souls stuck within it, so I’ll be interesting in seeing how she evolves from here.

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