Christmas Challenge: Parks and Rec

PARKS AND RECREATION: 2.12 “Christmas Scandal”

Please note the title of this episode: “Christmas Scandal.” Seems to imply that there’s a Christmas element to this episode, right? I mean, heck, even Netflix’s description mentioned a winter festival. On paper, this was a Christmas episode.

In viewing, it was not. I’m heartily disappointed. I think a Christmas episode of Parks and Rec would be great (perhaps another time?), and this one just missed the mark.

The episode opened with a Christmas Follies skit put on by the Parks Department, as part of what I assume was a Christmas party. Then the preparations for the winter festival and tree lighting began. And that was…it? Well, there was a short discussion between characters about what they should get people for Christmas, but beyond that, you really didn’t have much holiday presence.

The real story of this episode was in a sex scandal that Leslie somehow got herself wrapped up in, even though she did nothing wrong. Her attempts to get out of it just made the situation worse, and while it was funny, it just wasn’t what I wanted to see when I thought about Christmas.

Not that they couldn’t have made it appropriate. I mean, while Leslie was hiding from the press, the rest of the team took over her Parks Department duties. There could have been a lot of fun things to see as Ron and team tried to put this festival together and things continued to fall apart. All we really saw was one raccoon.

Recommendation: While the episode may have ended in a Christmas carol and tree lighting, I wouldn’t recommend it for Christmas viewing. Watch it for what it is, not for Christmas spirit.


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