Christmas Challenge: Rocko’s Modern Life

ROCKO’S MODERN LIFE: 2.06 “Rocko’s Modern Christmas”

JC’s a fan of this show, so part of the reason I chose this episode was to give him something Christmasy to watch, too. But you know what? I was pleasantly surprised.

It wasn’t that I didn’t think that I would like it. I just remembered very little about Rocko’s Modern Life. It was funny, I remember, but I didn’t watch it often. But it was cute! It had elves! It was a cartoon! The Christmas tree panted like a puppy! Come on, it was fun!

I forgot how wacky this show was. It had strange characters with strange quirks: a hypochondriac turtle with a friend or girlfriend with a hook hand. A cow that was adopted by wolves. And when you add Christmas in there, well…did I mention the Christmas tree that panted like a puppy? It was only made that much sadder when it was cut down and its little eyes turned to Xs.

Basically, the premise is this: Rocko wants it to snow. It’s Christmastime, and he wants others to feel the Christmas spirit. Oh, well, if it can’t snow, why not at least throw a party? So he throws a party for the town. Meanwhile, mean ol’ Ed Bighead pulls a Grinch and spreads a rumor that the new elves that moved in down the street have a foot fungus, so no one comes to the party. Well, the littlest elf (who is just effing adorable in its silent way) decides to help spread a little Christmas cheer to Rocko, which includes a little snowfall. Everyone in O-Town comes to see the snow (which is just in Rocko’s yard), and as their Christmas spirits lift, snow falls all over the town, and everyone ends up happy.

It was cute and in its quirky way, it just kept you laughing. And the elves — my god, the elves — they were cute! At least, the littlest one was. Its father was a little frightening, but the little guy makes up for it. Really, I just enjoyed it.

Recommendation: This might end up an annual viewing. It was quirky and funny, and darn it, I just enjoyed it. Merry Christmas.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Challenge: Rocko’s Modern Life

  1. I remember the show, vaguely. I certainly did not expect it to appear in the Xmas Challenge. Kudos!

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