The Raked Reviews Christmas Challenge

In lieu of an official open thread this week, I wanted to share with you how we’ll be getting in the Christmas spirit here on Raked.

Much like ABC Family has their 25 Days of Christmas, Raked Reviews will be counting down 25 Christmas (or holiday) episodes of some of our favorite episodes. Old, new, and in between. The favorites and the forgotten. We’re abusing online viewing, Netflix streaming, and even disc rentals to find some of the best (and worst) Christmas episodes out there.

Not only will we be watching, but we’ll be reviewing each one. This could be a disaster — here’s hoping I can keep up with it. But it’s certainly a challenge that I’m going to try. And let’s go ahead and thank CS for suggesting this to me. I’m sure he’ll be the first reader of the reviews (and the first to call me out if I skip a day).

The reviews start today (gasp!), and while I may have a few up my sleeve to start, I need your help to suggest more! I can’t promise that I’ll be able to cover each one (or even find them), but the wider the net of holiday escapades the better!

Let me know your own favorites — or the ones you hate — in the comments below! Let the holiday festivities begin!


4 thoughts on “The Raked Reviews Christmas Challenge

  1. You could review the following:

    Full House – when they get stuck in the airport
    Saved by the Bell – when they meet the homeless guy and do the play in the store
    Bones – when they get quarantined in the lab (I think this is season 1?)
    Dawson’s Creek – It’s called Merry Mayhem. I don’t remember it, but it might be fun to watch again!

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