American Horror Story: Rubber Man and Crazy Women

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1.09 “Spooky Little Girl”

This is a bit of a catchup post, as I ended up watching these episodes back to back last night. And while I really wanted the reveal of the “Rubber Man” (I guess that’s what we’re calling him now) to be interesting, I can’t say I was too thrilled with it. Plus, following that up with last night’s episode, well, I just wasn’t all that impressed.

Let’s start with the Rubber Man’s true identity. No, I didn’t suspect Tate was the man in the suit, so to that degree, it was a bit of a surprise. But I also wasn’t expecting the man in the suit to be someone we’ve been following week to week. Actually, I thought that he would be someone else entirely.

In fact, I thought that we’d find out that it was actually Constance’s cheating husband. Adding a new character or ghost into the mix would have been much more interesting. In fact, throwing someone else in there would have given the suit a purpose. He was disguising himself from more than just the current inhabitants of the house; he was even hiding from Constance herself.

But instead, we have Tate, who’s own motivations for doing anything he’s done — impregnating Vivien to killing the gay couple — was to help the women in the house, namely, the first inhabitant. And the suit, well, the suit was merely a prop to hide his identity from the viewing audience and for creep factor. I was disappointed.

But let’s move on. We’ve discovered that Vivien’s babies actually have two fathers. Really? Supposedly, this can happen but it’s rare. I think most cases happen on daytime soap operas. This just feels so much like a stretch that I find it infuriating. It may have made Ben seem very untrusting of his wife (maybe that was the plot it was putting in motion), but it just feels like too unlikely to happen to warrant.

Plus, adding the fact that now we’re finding out that one of these kids is the anti-Christ. Sheesh! I realize that this is a show called American Horror Story and the anti-Christ was ever-present in movies from the ’70s, but it just seems outlandish given what we’ve already seen in the series. Keep it simple!

And then there was Hayden. Dear god, Hayden. She was by far the most annoying piece of these episodes, and she just won’t go away. I don’t see any redeeming qualities in her character — from when she was alive or dead — but now she’s just dead, horny, and bitter. Plus, how was she able to kill Travis? Tate told Violet that they couldn’t hurt her; perhaps that was a lie and they wouldn’t hurt her just because he’s telling them not to? He does seem to have some sort of power, at least I’m assuming. But then there’s that grey area where we don’t know if he knows that he’s dead. I thought he didn’t, based on the Halloween episode, but maybe he does, after all he’s seen in the house.

Really, the development with Tate has just added more frustration and confusion than anything else. The only positive parts of these episodes were Violet and Vivien — who are both looking ass crazy minute to minute. Personally, I’m surprise Vivien wants to get out of the hospital. That means she’d have to go back to that horrible house!


One thought on “American Horror Story: Rubber Man and Crazy Women

  1. The anti-Christ stuff is totally unnecessary. I agree, they should have kept it simple in that regard. Give us the horror that the Harmon’s have to live with, but keep some of it mysterious. No need to tie it to a mythical idea that’s been covered many different times by many different horror/religious stories.

    On the other side of the coin, when we found out Tate was the rubber man, I immediately wondered: “This is a casualty of a cable network budget.” Did they make Tate the Rubber Man to save from adding another regular onto the payroll? I don’t know, but I wish it wasn’t him. I feel like we’ve sort of already learned too much about him, and he’s not as mysterious or scary anymore.

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