Ringer: Gemma and Charlie, Charlie and Gemma

RINGER: 1.10 “That’s What You Get for Trying to Kill Me”

Dear, Ringer. Thanks for getting “Rumor Has It” back in my head after I finally got it out of my head after Glee last week. Just sayin’.

Anyway, we knew this would be a rather explosive episode. After all, we’re heading into a mid-season hiatus. But was it? Well, yes and no.

When I first heard the news that Amber Benson would be guesting on Ringer, I was over the moon. I mean, come on. I’m a Whedon fan. And an Amber Benson fan. I mean, it’s like a reunion, right? Well, not so much. We find out that Benson is playing the detective’s informant…in possibly the most boring scene of the entire episode. It’s not that I only watched the episode to see her, but it just felt lacking. Now, that being said, it seemed like they kept it open for Benson to appear again. However, I was only half-watching this boring scene, so if I missed something significant, please let me know.

The real scoop of the episode was that of Gemma and Charlie. To cover Charlie’s tracks (and more so, cover the tracks of the real Siobhan), he agreed to hold Gemma for ransom. Oh, how that didn’t work.

Let’s pause here. Not to sound like a drama teacher, but I really didn’t understand Charlie’s motivation in this plot. I mean, why help Siobhan? If the cops found out that he had Gemma, he’d be the one in jail. If they found out that he killed Gemma, he’d be the one in jail. What are all these risks for?

Meanwhile, didn’t Charlie used to be a cop? Isn’t that why Bridget enlisted him to do some digging in the first place? So if that’s the case, could his aim really be so bad to miss his first kill shot on Gemma? Seriously? At that close range, I think anyone would be able to tell if the victim made it through alive.

Nonetheless, Gemma bit it in the end. Kill shot #2 did the dirty deed. But the real Siobhan wasn’t too happy. Charlie got his own ugly death.

So there’s your explosive action. Siobhan’s back in New York (at least for a while) and the bloodbath has begun. The real question is, what’s next? Bridget has fully accepted her life as her sister, and I don’t think Siobhan wants it back. Is her plan still on track with Charlie’s demise?

Now, a few other things:

  • Juliet and her crush on her teacher was absolutely awful, like pulling teeth. But she did change the game significantly by claiming he raped her. Now that is a development.
  • Siobhan told her new beau that the baby is his. Now, I understand that goes in the “deception” category, but won’t he realize the timing is off?
  • Malcolm, yet again, is doing rather well for having just gotten off the drugs last week. Just sayin’.
  • Finally, did the police just decide to ignore Bridget’s fingerprint on the evidence in Gemma’s case? In the end, it sure sounded like they figured Charlie killed himself after killing Gemma. That alone makes no sense, and now they’re ignoring this clean fingerprint? I’m confused.

It wasn’t the best mid-season closer, but hey, at least a couple things happened. What were your reactions?


One thought on “Ringer: Gemma and Charlie, Charlie and Gemma

  1. There were definitely a few too many loose (poorly plotted) ends in this fall finale. Looking forward to the January return, but this was definitely a mess of an episode. Everything Gemma was poorly planned. Everything Juliet was just freaking terrible.

    Check out our full recap of pros and cons on bitchstolemyremote here: http://wp.me/p1VQBq-72

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