The Good Wife: Grandma’s Such a Bitch

THE GOOD WIFE: 3.09 “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”

Peoples! I’m gonna try to keep this a bit shorter in the upcoming weeks. Sometimes one gets a bit carried away….

So, everybody was off their game this episode which I have to admit made it less…fun. While I thoroughly enjoyed the return of Captain Terrence Hicks (the military court attorney), and seeing Will squirm was entertaining, the case itself was a thorough downer. I mean, The Good Wife doesn’t do silly cases, and for that I am forever grateful, but there just couldn’t be a winner in this drone-bombing case. In an episode that saw Eli getting railroaded by lobbier Stacie Hall (an unfunny Amy Sedaris) and Wendy Scott-Hall announcing her intentions to go after Will, I did want some sort of victory for the folks at Lockhart/Gardner.

Perhaps that’s why I was so thoroughly delighted by Alicia’s crackdown on Jackie’s interference with her home life. Who else audibly gasped when Alicia saw Jackie snooping through her Macbook camera? I love it when the writers take inspiration from some of the weirder tech stories out there, and felt that they must have been as intrigued by This Guy Has My Macbook as I was. The subplot was also the source of such great lines as “We have to watch Grandma….she’s such a bitch” (hat tip to Grace) and Alicia’s “You no longer have the power to wound.” Alicia’s victories over Jackie—changing the locks, confronting her, and then buying Zach a car—all added up to one kickass empowerment subplot.

But to touch on the more disparate elements of this episode…

Wendy Scott–Carr: I think the Kings do actors a steady by creating juicy recurring guest roles for them, but Wendy S-C’s reappearance in this ep fell flat for me. I think it’s the monotone delivery of her lines, but I just don’t buy her brand of intimidation. Sorry.

Kalinda/Dana/Cary: That was…uncomfortable. This ep saw Dana’s change from possible match to Kalinda, to possible creeper of Kalinda. It was a little Single White Female, with Dana’s new leather jacket wardrobe and dirty-talk about Kalinda in bed with Cary. Shudder. I haven’t lost interest, but I wasn’t a fan of Dana’s switch from complex character to petulant girlfriend, sticking gum under chairs at Lockhart/Gardner. Oh, and while my heart may have jumped a bit as Kalinda expounded the joys of female seduction to Dana, the strains of soft jazz in the background really threw me.

Noteworthy (but superficial) moments: The corn conference room had the most amazing corn-themed art ever. Even their conference table evoked corn. Sincere kudos to the @GoodWifeSetDec.

Next on The Good Wife: The December 4 episode promises to be juicy, juicy, juicy. “Parenting Made Easy” has Alicia derailed from a case against Louis Canning when a personal crisis interferes. For Kalinda/Alicia friendship fans, there are major developments on that front. I, for one, cannot wait.

What say ye?


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